'You' Season 3 Spree Recap: Joe trying to survive his usual unhappiness (2023)


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Welcome to the third season of NetflixOf! I hate you all for going on this journey with me.

Andseason 1deconstruct the myth of the perfect guy andseason 2revealed the dark heart of the perfect girl, season 3 now brings us to the happy ending carved by these adorable snarling beasts. Let's recap!

Episode 1: "And They Lived Happily Ever After"

Suburban parenthood doesn't sit well with Joe Goldberg (penn badgley).

For one, he drives a Lexus through his new town of Madre Linda, which roughly translates to "Sweet Mother." City moms are many things, but pretty isn't one of them.

Then there's his perfect girl who turned out to be a boy. (Little Henry hid her light under a bushel basket during the ultrasounds.) Joe spent the first few months of his fatherhood believing that his son hated him, and it doesn't help that the shaman tells his mother-in-law that Henry is the reincarnation of his dead son. Glamma Dottie insists on calling the baby "Forty", which Joe despises.

And then there's the new neighbor Natalie (Michaela McManus). gorgeous. a reader. Married to a wealthy tech pioneer. With Joe convinced Love isn't the right woman for him, Natalie presents a tempting option: he's Gatsby, and she's the green light at the end of the dock.

And she seems to like him too. When the love (Victoria Pedretti) goes to his mother's house after an argument, Joe accepts Natalie's invitation for a drink. He turns off the security cameras in the house and their conversation becomes more and more intimate. But when she kisses him in her bedroom, he reluctantly refuses for the sake of her family.

I am happy to have done it; Love came home early and she and Joe have hot marital sex.

Speaking of love, she doesn't love Madre Linda. Influencer mom Sherry Conrad (Shalita Grant), who Joe thinks is peachy condescension, which doesn't bode well for her survival, introduces Love to her band of horrible friends.

They shame her about the baby weight and give her stifling parenting advice, and then Love overhears them gossiping maliciously about her at a fancy party at Sherry's.

The nicest person at the party turns out to be Natalie. She takes her love under her wing and loudly and proudly advises her to just do her thing. When Love admits that she wants to open a bakery, Natalie, the real estate agent, says that she has the perfect apartment.

you season 3

'You' Season 3 Spree Recap: Joe trying to survive his usual unhappiness (2)

Victoria Pedretti y Penn Badgley a "You".


But on the way home, Love runs into Joe because of Natalie. Loveblancohe knows how dangerous his obsessions can be for the target person and his own marriage. They agree that this fresh start means they never have to do bad things again.

Joe breaks his fixation with Natalie and his bond with Henryfrog and toad, and to his credit, Joe seems to want to shield Henry from the toxic childhood he went through.

Meanwhile, Love walks Natalie through the prospective bakery. It's perfect, and in the basement there's a perfectly placed ax that Love plunges perfectly into Natalie's throat.

While unpacking his blender in the basement, he found Joe's hidden shoebox filled with Natalie's trophies, including the pair of panties he stole from Natalie's bedroom... and grabbed them in his fist as he slept with his wife.

With Natalie dead in the basement, Love Joe calls and suggests couples therapy.


  • Yes, the Quinn-Goldbergs are killers, but they're also pretty funny. Take Love innocently asks Sherry the name of her famous mommy blog or Joe describes parenthood asgroundhog dayabout Sartre. His swords are sharp, but his minds are sharper.
  • More context for Joe's new neighborhood: Sherry was forced to post an apology video in August 2020 after throwing a party for her friends, all of whom were said to have received the Queen of England's secret vaccine. Awww, do you remember the summer of 2020? Terrible times, terrible times.
  • Reader, I gasped as Natalie wrapped her expensive scarf around the cut on her hand. The rich are really different.

Episode 2: "So I Married an Ax Murderer"

Couples Counseling: It Works!

Joe and Love can meet at Dr. Chandra's Couch again and have a cryptic talk about the stress points in their marriage. But what they're really talking about is the horrible argument they had about Love committing murder in the building where she had just signed a three-year lease. Joe's internal complaints as he disposes of Natalie's body are equal parts anger, amusement, and self-pity.

Things are tense at home after the consultation, so Joe goes to the library, where he gets librarian Marienne (Tati Gabrielle) to let him visit the rare book collection in the basement. There he uses Henry as bait to steal one and then controls another.

In his own basement workshop, he fixes them both up, selling the stolen one to send Ellie money, and paying back the borrowed one to get a job at the library. Marienne doesn't seem to fully accept Joe's charm offensive, which she worries for her safety. Then again when theytatI totally agree with his act, I would be just as concerned.

Love still fights in Madre Linda. She is excited about the new bakery until her mother scolds her for being so impulsive. Then, in a parking lot, she meets Theo (Dylan Arnold), a high-spirited gender studies student who won't let his baby or her marital status stop him from flirting too aggressively.

Love tries to be a good neighbor, then whips up a batch of sugar-free, gluten-free, and joy-free Lemon Raspberry Cupcakes to take to a neighborhood birthday party.

The party is a nightmare. The dads are microdosing, intermittently fasting, shooting up (Google it, or take a second look, don't), but Sherry takes the cake (keto). She cheerfully tells Love, who is filled with grief complicated by Forty, that losing one of her twins would be like losing both. She then yells at Love when her children eat the cupcakes: raspberries have sugar, don't you know?

Everyone, I'm saving every drop of my care for the librarian. Sherry gets what she gets.

you season 3

'You' Season 3 Spree Recap: Joe trying to survive his usual unhappiness (3)

Victoria Pedretti y Penn Badgley en 'You'

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| Photo Credit: Netflix

Scary as the party is, it alerts Joe and Love to something even scarier: Natalie's husband, Matthew, has designed a ring that monitors the wearer's biometrics and location, which means he will if he still use it. Natalie's body is easy to find on the surface of her. forest grave

Poor Henry is dragged to another crime scene, where Joe breaks bones to remove the locator ring and Love leaves him in a nearby public bathroom. After that, they go to a construction site where concrete is to be poured to dispose of Natalie's body and then have it.outside.

Love says that when Joe murders someone, he considers it a noble act, but when she murders someone, he treats her like she's crazy. And he listens, she's a little right. Joe is as much an impulse killer as Love, but her reaction to her falls in the same direction.Stereotypical gender lineswho say that men are angry while women are irrational. Theo, the awkwardly friendly Gender Studies major, would be so proud of Love's remark!

Joe yells that he has to be 100 percent in love for the rest of his life to stop her from killing people, and Love replies that Joe will just kill her if she's not all he needs. Shooting. In fact, I feel a little sorry for these two murderers who should probably get a divorce.

Back at the counseling center, they discuss this recent explosion with Chandra, who thinks they are speaking metaphorically when they talk about wanting to commit murder.

With gentle insistence, he makes them dig down in anger, and they both confess their fear of abandonment while revealing their true selves. Chandra recommends fighting side by side, as a team, and Joe does it again.

After a period of intense sex, they vow to avoid killing each other. It is sweet? Joe then suggests that they build a new cage in the basement of the bakery to help them control their murderous urges. But despite the newly discovered opening, they each hide a key inside.

So A Fresh Tart opens its shop! Adorable name, 10/10, I would buy many cupcakes there.

But they're still worried about what's going on at Natalie's house. Love seizes the cupcakes and is surprised when Theo answers the door. He is Matthew's stepson from his and Matthew's first marriage (from scott veloc) drives them away before the police get to him.


  • A+ work on the title of this episode.So I married an ax murdererit is without a doubtThe best work of Mike Myers.
  • Love is good with murder, but is mad at Joe for using the Anavrin meat grinder to dismember a corpse. fair fair
  • All of Hudson's guests have iPads in their birthday gift bags, so I'm here wondering how I'm going to get an invite to next year's soiree.

Handout 3: "Missing White Woman Syndrome"

The entire neighborhood is in a frenzy over Natalie's disappearance. It's a domestic crime novel come to life, and Matthew's refusal to talk to the press about his missing wife makes him look guilty as hell. Sherry and her team eat that, of course.

But the Quinn-Goldbergs don't have to worry about that when they get the news that little Henry has contracted measles. Joe is horrified and vows to be worthy of his son if he gets better.

Meanwhile, Love has to call everyone at Hudson's birthday party to let them know that they've been exposed. Ugh, what a shame for someone who is already new and an outsider. As if that's not bad enough, Dottie arrives at the hospital to tell Love that she bought a vineyard with Quinn's money, so Love is essentially on her own to keep the bakery afloat.

It's stressful and made worse when local reporter Ryan Goodwin reports live from outside A Fresh Tart and identifies it as perhaps the last place Natalie was seen. This leaves Joe and Love with no choice but to blame Matthew, of course.

Love is waiting at the hospital, where Theo shows up with dinner for her. He was at the bakery when she got the call about Henry, so he was watching the store while she was gone.

Now he offers to be her part-time help while she waits for news about Natalie, and Love accepts. Her creepy-man radar must be completely off because the way she hugs her completely throws me off balance.

Meanwhile, Joe goes to plant Natalie's bloody handkerchief in her house, but unfortunately she also has measles. He feverishly climbs Matthew's fence, hallucinating about being a child in the group home and lying about his mother vaccinating him.

He wakes up on Matthew's couch after passing out near Engler's trash. She is at first scared when an emotionless Matthew questions her about Natalie, but she soon realizes that Matthew genuinely cares about her.


'You' Season 3 Spree Recap: Joe trying to survive his usual unhappiness (4)

Victoria Pedretti y Penn Badgley a "You".


The men lament that their sons pay them back for their sins, and Joe realizes that Matthew is a good man whose stepson considers him a father. When he receives the news that Henry will be fine, he decides not to frame him. Love agrees and they burn the scarf.

Joe also urges Matthew to make a statement to the press, which he eventually does. He is reticent, but his concern for his missing wife takes over, and he then threatens to find and punish anyone who may have harmed his wife.

Then the police get a call that Natalie's life ring has been found, and when Joe shows up the next day with baked goods as a thank you, Matthew is as cold and curt as ever.

Oh, did you think this episode would end without an assassination attempt? Think again! When Gil, the man Joe refers to privately as Mormon Neville Longbottom, stops by the bakery to confess that his daughters were the ones who gave Henry the measles, Love bashes his scruffy anti-vax head with a rolling pin.


  • Baby love, Gil paid with a credit card! Slow down the roll of it!
  • If Episode 1 was about Fitzgerald, Episode 3 belongs to Harper Lee, though I'm strongly opposed to Joe comparing himself to my #1 literary crush, Atticus Finch.
  • If missing white woman syndrome sounds familiar, it's because the Gabby Petito case recently brought it back into public discourse. And it's funny to think how horrified Marienne and her employee Dante of hers should be that Joe isn't familiar with it, because he's a major contributor to the phenomenon. As a side note, Marienne is correct in her point that the huge coverage of missing wealthy white women sends a message about who is worth saving. But another interpretation is that excessive media attention may feed this belief.White women occupy “safer” places in society, which makes their disappearance more shocking and thus tacitly normalizes the disappearance of non-white people. Either way, it's a real media trend and I'm gladOfbrought up for discussion.
  • For the record, neither carrots nor chia nuts belong in muffins. I said what I said.

Episode 4: "Surrender to Mother Linda"

How do you solve a problem like Gil's? You accuse him of the murder you committed and put an end to it.

Since the vaccinator isn't dead, Love drags him into the cage while she and Joe decide what to do. How that little woman took Gil down and locked him up is beyond me.

Determined not to kill anyone else, Joe decides to shut Gil down (although his comments about Henry's natural immunity after measles come off as blunt offense). I will say that even though Joe is frustrated with Love, it's good to see Dr. Take Chandra's advice to work as a team.

But Joe isn't having any luck finding Mother Linda's response to Ned Flanders eating right, at least in the cage. If you need to be locked up, do it in a bakery.

They pause when Love enlists her father's investigator to look into Gil's background. What at first glance looks like a cheating scandal to get her son into college is actually secret money that Gil's wife paid to survivors of her son's sexual assault. Gil is horrified to learn this, especially since this woman was not the first victim of his son's.

Very good blackmail material, right? Unfortunately for the couple, Gil hangs himself in the cage, but Love quickly comes up with a new plan.

It is up to the Committee's search to find Natalie Engler in Redwood State Park, where Natalie's ring was found. Love encouraged Theo to join the search party, so she is with him as Sherry delivers a dramatic and emotional speech in her orange safety vest with #NatalieComeHome printed on the back.

While searching the woods, Love leaves Theo to plant the ax he used to kill Natalie, with Gil's newly applied fingerprints on the handle. While she's gone, Theo overhears Sherry being absolutely horrible to her father and pounces on her.

Love causes him to back down and apologize to Sherry, causing Theo to storm off. He eventually takes him back to the bakery, where they discuss strategies for dealing with the press attention. He is welcoming and Theo tries to kiss her. She turns him down when she receives a text from Matthew: Searchers have found the murder weapon.

While this was going on, Joe dragged Gil's body into his house to stage his suicide in the hallway, leaving a typed note apologizing for having an affair with Natalie before murdering her. And again I ask how strong are the Quinn-Goldbergs? Getting Gil's literal deadlift into position must have required a lot of strength, or at least some serious physics.

As Joe enacts the scene, he remembers the nurse who was kind to him in the group home. As she tends to his post-fight injuries, that haunting light enters her eyes, and it's clear we're seeing the first of Joe's many lifelong fixations on the perfect woman.

We see that look again in this episode in the library. After Joe takes away from Marienne the idea that she got rich, she quickly warms to him. She offers to give him Gil's place as reader during the narration, and Joe suddenly recognizes him. She flirts with him.

His internal monologue warns him not to.place, and friend, we are aware of that.


  • How kind of Joe to make sure Gil's wife kept the daughters out of town so they wouldn't have to see their father's body. Wait, is "nice" the word I'm looking for?
  • Bless this show for mixing the dark with the comedic. Gil's stuttering attempts to describe sex in a "badass style" are basically spot on.The 40 year old virginwas based on.
  • So Theo goes back to college. Something tells me he'll be back soon.

Episode 5: "Into the Woods"


'You' Season 3 Spree Recap: Joe trying to survive his usual unhappiness (5)

"You" season 3.

| Photo Credit: NETFLIX

Joe didn't go into the woods because he wanted to live consciously, but it happened anyway.

Six months after Gil's death, Love has happily integrated into Mother Linda's life. The bakery is a success, Sherry is her best friend and she looks beaming on her. Joe, on the other hand, is bored and obsessed with her lawn. He has no friends and has performance problems in the bedroom.

Only with Marienne in the library does he come close to letting go. She drags him to her office to draw him and he fantasizes about kissing her and taking her bracelet as a trophy. But he withdraws.

That night, Sherry and her husband, Cary (yes, Sherry and Cary) come over for dinner. While Sherry talks to Theo, Cary (Travis Van Winkle) convinces Joe to go camping with him that weekend. Just in time, when Theo shows up on his doorstep with a flimsy excuse, Joe immediately notices the strange mood between his wife and the teenager.

When he finds out that Theo kissed her and she sent Ubers to pick him up when he was drunk, a heated fight ensues. So Joe goes camping with the boys ready to hate every moment.

Cary is an alpha nightmare who insists the group strip to the waist and only eat what kills them. It's all very Iron John, and Cary roars, "Fire is life!" (Excuse me, sir, but as we all knowFootball is life.)

(Video) Cyn Santana & Joe Budden’s Journey | Season 9 Recap | Love & Hip Hop: New York

There are memories of Joe being bullied by boys in the dorm and when Cary takes him hunting and insists that Joe kill a squirrel, things get rough and Joe accidentally pushes him off a small cliff.

Joe drags Cary's body back to camp, but Cary says he's fine thanks to decades of taking glutathione. (I'll spare you the Google; it's an antioxidant.) But instead of kicking Joe out of the group, Cary hugs him, and Joe cries when they finally accept him.

In Madre Linda, we learn that Love has broken up with Theo: no more emails, just Ubers. Although he is disappointed in how much she has changed, she still saves him after he is arrested for drunk driving an electric scooter.

He convinces her to go for a ride on the scooter and when they crash, he confesses that he got kicked out of college because he can't stop thinking about her. This time Amor is the one who kisses him and they have sex on the muddy ground.

When she returns home, she learns that her mother tried to FaceTime her when Henry took his first steps and Love collapses. Dottie knows what is going on and says that this is the pattern of love. She tried to fix Forty and then Joe. She now wants to fix Theo, which could destroy her family. Love sends Theo a text and breaks up with her.

On the day of Henry's first birthday party, Joe returns dirty, limping, and brandishing his crossbows. He hugs Love and apologizes for everything, then goes back to the group home nurse and watches him decide not to push any of the bullies down the stairs. She compliments him on being different from the bully and they agree to take care of each other. Why do I have bad feelings about the end of the nurse's story?

Marital sex is successful that night, after which Love receives a call that the bakery's alarm is going off. Joe offers to take a look. While he's gone, Love overhears Theo getting a rowdy job in the backyard. Ah, the revenge of a teenager.

Meanwhile, Joe fixed the alarm to buy time to stalk, and follows Marienne home, vowing that things will be different this time.


  • Although Marienne describes Joe's look as "Patrick Bateman meets a Venetian gondolier," by the end of the episode, his mood is much more that of Dexter Morgan, who realized he had to drop off his shadowy passenger at destinations. acceptable. But something tells me that Joe won't have Dexter's self-control.
  • Who bets if those were Chekhov's crossbows?

Folleto 6: "W.O.M.B."

We'll be talking about the Quinn-Goldbergs soon, but first... Marcia, Marcia, Marcia! OG desperate housewifeMarcia Kreuzshe emerges as a woman who works with Matthew and wants him to stop investigating his wife's death. The neighbors will hate him, and Love, he warns, has "the most argumentative dad on this side of the Republicans whining for a recount, besides Ray Quinn? He wins. Queen Jean!

But Matthew is convinced there's more to Natalie's death (fairly, because I'm sure he doesn't believe for a minute that she cheated on Gil) and Theo is alarmed to learn exactly how his father, Love and Linda Heaps, examine the rest of the story. mother

In this episode, we hear Love's inner monologue, and if she's not quite as funny as Joe, she's just as twisted. She might be pregnant, she texts Forty's number to confess her sins and, when she's in bed with Joe, she introduces herself to Theo.

On the other hand, Joe introduces himself to Marienne. He has even sneaked around her apartment, touching all the nice things about her, and when she comes home early, he has to hide under her bed. Aww I love Joe chasing someone who nearly missed!

In short, no one is happy when Love arrives on Dottie's Vineyard for the Women's Optimizing Maternity and Business Summit. (W.O.M.B., of course). Dottie quickly guesses that Love is pregnant, demands to know who her father is, and brags about a possible new grandchild on IGTV.

Love explodes and blames Dottie for everything that has gone wrong in her life, but Dottie replies that Love is just spoiled and bored. After her explosion, Love reaches under her skirt and finds blood. After she ends her crisis pregnancy, she drinks a bottle of wine and gets drunk in the beautiful bathtub in her room.

Forty appears to her and promises that he lives inside her, and Forty reminds her that he is her soul mate, not Joe. She then sings him to sleep in the luxurious bed.

The next morning, Love confides in Sherry, who scoffs at the idea of ​​effortless soulmates. She decided that Cary was her person and she's working to make that happen.

With that, Love says goodbye to Forty and deletes their contact. Then there's a knock on her door, revealing Theo. She called him drunk at 4 am. m., so she arrives with the disturbing news that her father is investigating her.

Now let's take a look at Joe, whose spying has revealed that Marienne is an addict accused of child neglect, endangerment, and abuse.

Overhearing an argument with her ex-husband, she runs out of the basement of the library. It's Ryan Goodwin, the Channel 3 reporter from earlier this season, andScott Michael FosterPlay it with all the smar but without the Nathaniel charm.crazy ex girlfriend.

When Marienne yells at him about the white knight, Joe realizes it's another example of her motherhood issues. he congratulates himself on itabout meDiagnosis, but comes running when Marienne calls him to help with the sprinkler malfunction in the library.

She explains that she is also a foster child and says that Ryan got full custody of their daughter after she was charged with drunk driving while Juliette was in the car. Since then, she has used her influence and her white privilege to frame her unfairly in court.

Joe is touched by her story, and when the sprinkler goes off, they share an inside kiss in the rain.

This brings back memories of sister Fiona, who has fingerprint bruises on her arm, and a friend bringing her a bouquet of carnations and gypsophila that everyone knows is the worst bouquet. When Joe calls her about the cycle of abuse she finds herself in, she coldly tells him to go play with the other kids, as the bullies she knows full well are terrorizing him. She poor Joe (and in this case I don't mean that sarcastically).

Joe realizes that he is putting Marienne in danger and tries to quit. But they end up kissing, so Joe shields Marienne from her love.

However, Love is focused on Matthew's investigation, and when he suggests "pretending" to be interested in Theo to get more information, Joe agrees, hoping it will distract her.

Hey Joe, hey Love: As the ad for my ex-husband's law firm says, life is short. Divorce.


  • Of course, Dottie's new venture is called Casa Gaia Vineyard, and of course, she and Sherry have become good friends. But Love's guest room seemedToll.
  • As horrible as it was to watch Theo pull oneSay somethingwith a boombox in front of Love's house, I loved his outrage as he called it a romantic gesture of his generation. "First of all, I'm not that old."
  • More Marcia please!

Episode 7: "Here we are all crazy"


'You' Season 3 Spree Recap: Joe trying to survive his usual unhappiness (6)

"You" season 3.

| Photo Credit: NETFLIX

Honestly, poor Theo. Who wouldn't be confused about Love ignoring your texts and then purposely stripping in front of her bedroom window? She hints at problems with Joe and asks Theo to find out what her father is doing with them. It seems a bit obvious to me, but Theo agrees to investigate.

And there is much to discover. Matthew asks a young hacker on his staff to use his facial recognition algorithm so he can review a flood of security footage. She does so, and Matthew immediately begins scrutinizing Love's movements. The hacker also tells Theo that Matthew isn't feeling well, which is pretty clear to everyone at this point.

While Love pretends she doesn't enjoy teasing Theo, Joe and Henry spend the day with Marienne and Juliette. When she gets the news that Ryan is giving the library a big check at the upcoming gala, she complains that it's a power play, and Joe decides it's time to address Ryan's problem.

Following him to Narcotics Anonymous, he hatches a plan: he will give the exercise addict Adderall in the morning and Oxy in the protein powder at night, play with his alarm clock, and squash his car tire to deal with his stiffness. schedule. Boom, sobriety's gone.

Joe pays off a hyper-verbal high school student who only takes 1,237.37 Bitcoin for the drugs and goes to work. Snooping around, he finds Ryan's stash of nude photos of Marien and can't resist taking a little time for Joe.

It's unfortunate timing, as he comes home to a souped-up love affair who, inspired by Sherry's advice to spice up their marriage, reaches for Joe's zipper. But his tank is empty and Love is left uneasy.

But hey, Joe's plan works, and when Ryan's day gets out of hand, he immediately decides to let himself be beaten.

Love is very stressful because Sherry recruited her to host the library gala and when Theo shows up to tell her that she hasn't learned anything useful from Matthew, she cries and kisses him. She is uncomfortable doing this in her house, but she quickly gets over it.

That night, Joe and Love were headed to the gala, but not before Dottie stuck her messy head out. She's been drinking non-stop ever since her ex got the vineyard in her divorce, and she doesn't take it well when Love says that she's found another babysitter for Henry for the night.

At the gala, Joe nervously watches Love and Marienne get together, then an exuberant Ryan arrives with a large check. Dante says that Ryan was never really sober; There are always drugs in his protein shake, and Joe realizes that he wasted $1,237.27 on someone with a super high tolerance.

The evening is interrupted when Love gets a call that Dottie drunkenly took Henry away from the babysitter. Glamma has it on her lap when she comes across a drive-thru and then goes to Casa Gia to set it on fire. Big whoops!

Love angrily cuts Dottie out of her life, and the next day, when Joe Dottie leaves for rehab (rich white women don't go to jail for arson and DUI, stupid!), she warns him that the husband de Love is in remission from her cancer when she died, after asking Love for a divorce. And yes, somehow Joe is only now considering that love could be a danger to him. Oh joe.

Also, Ryan noticed that Joe noticed him and is now using his day with Marienne against her in court. She ends things with Joe while he tries to be a better person by promoting only honest relationships.

Love then offers Joe a different kind of relationship: Sherry and Cary are openly married and interested in dating the Quinn-Goldbergs. Joe isn't interested, but tells Love that he's glad they're discussing decisions as a couple.

And we end with Matthew watching from his hiding place as they leave the bakery together on the security cameras that are all over Madre Linda.


  • Joe, a young Gregory Peck? I don't see him, but he plays into his Atticus Finch fantasies.
  • Bless Sherry for assuring Love that the attended concert will be "like riding in a posse."
  • I have to say, apologizing to Joe with a brand new Le Creuset filled with Donut Pals would work for me. All his murders are forgiven, sir.

Folge 8: "Swing and a Miss"


'You' Season 3 Spree Recap: Joe trying to survive his usual unhappiness (7)

Photo Credit: NETFLIX

Listen, we all knew that swinging with Sherry and Cary Conrad was a bad idea, but who could have said?As¿place?

(Video) Breaking Bad: Full Series RECAP

Contact Theo first, who is doing everything he can to communicate with his father, even turning off the wifi to encourage Matthew to get out of his office for a while. When Matthew goes to a taco race (and yes, this is the third episode where someone has mentioned tacos, did the writing team have a collective craving?), Theo sneaks into his office and watches the security footage of Joe walking during his previous fight against the wall. love beats

Matthew catches him and warns him about the mom next door who is married to the boy with anger issues. Theo replies that Matthew has to let Natalie go, and Matthew throws him out of the house. Awww, these two don't deserve any of this. Probably. you never knowOf.

Meanwhile, Joe has been helping Dante prepare Marienne for the custody hearing on Friday. He agrees to be a character witness, though she's upset (but secretly delighted) that she's a finalist in a book publisher's illustration contest that he included her in without permission.

Okay, everyone hydrated? It's time for some sexy Quinn Goldberg Conrad moments.

Joe, the serially monogamous (snort!), has no interest in an open marriage, but sees how Love turned her dead first husband into a villain when she talks about him. Not wanting to suffer the same fate, he agrees to go on a night out with the Conrads to break up their already troubled relationship without being killed.

Sherry and Cary literally arrive with suitcases full of sex toys and performance enhancers. Sherry and Love quickly get together, leaving Joe with Cary, who prefers to start by masturbating to her own image in the mirror. Yes, Cary is Cary-sexual. (Given her body, I get it.)

Joe is driven away by a call from Marienne, who is horrified that Ryan has sent her nudes to everyone on his contact list, including the book publisher involved in the illustration contest.

She asks him to come over, but Cary confiscates her phone and they go to the room where Joe can only have sex with Sherry by introducing himself to Marienne.

Love uses the safe word and drags him downstairs, loudly accusing him of thinking about someone else. After all, she knows his patterns; Didn't you kill Natalie for him?

Now that's a big ol'oops. Listen, love, I stood up for you before Joe treated you like an unreasonable woman, but can you at least meet me halfway by not yelling about your murders to other people in the house?

Suspecting they were overheard, Joe grabs a meat mallet and they sneak upstairs. At first, the Conrads try to stay calm, but Sherry rubs her elbow, says she's lying, and it's game over.

The crossbows! I named it! Cary sends an arrow in Joe's direction and Joe chases it into the backyard. Determined that Henry won't grow up in the system, Joe shoots an arrow and slows Cary down long enough to hit him with a rock and push him inside. Meanwhile, love tames Sherry and they break into the bakery's cage.

Forget new partners; What really gets the Quinn-Goldbergs going is the violence, and they have a hair-raising encounter against a concrete wall where they lick each other's faces, the best sex of their lives.

Matthew then finds Joe cleaning blood, which he claims is fruit sauce, from the upholstery of his car. Joe attributes all the screaming to drunken antics, and Matthew's dismissive disbelief would be a bit more sinister if he wasn't drinking at 5am.

Inside, Love is grateful to have such an understanding husband, but said husband sneaks out to testify at Marienne's custody hearing. Although things are going well, Ryan and the judge are obviously quite friendly and Joe realizes that the system is rigged.

With the angry Conrads awake in the cage and Love more committed to her marriage than ever, Joe has to plan.


  • While I love the NDA of all of the Conrads' businesses, they chose a hilariously bad safe word. I mean hakuna matata? Timon and Pumbaa wouldNever.
  • It's interesting that Theo thinks Joe is a nutcase. What is not clear at the moment is if it is due to jealousy or if this observation goes further.
  • So help me, if Dante gets hurt at any point this season, I'm going to riot. From the looks of it, he and his husband have enough issues with the adoption process that they don't deserve any more drama. Protect this man!

Episode 9: "Red Flag"


'You' Season 3 Spree Recap: Joe trying to survive his usual unhappiness (8)

"You" season 3.

| Photo Credit: NETFLIX

"I've got some absolutely freakin' nuts in the basement."

Joe's assessment at the beginning of the episode begins with a tense 47 minutes as he tries to stay one step ahead of his wife and his enemies.

As Love ponders what to do about the Conrads, Joe cleans out the house and finds a gun in Cary's suitcase. He makes a Chekhov joke as he tucks it into his waistband, thank goodness.

When Marienne goes missing, Joe finds her on the sidewalk in front of a liquor store. The judge ruled that Ryan can move to New Jersey with Juliette and she is about to give up.

Joe presses to be more intimate with her and confesses to killing his father to protect his mother. He then says that he and Love are breaking up and go to Marienne's apartment to have sex.

However, Love has learned from Theo that Matthew has been hacking surveillance footage around town. He asks her to escape from Joe and leave town with him.

Instead, she visits the Conrads in their cage, and when Love tells them about Matthew, Sherry suggests that she blog about how gross he is.

Sherry then exaggerates her hand, calling Love's marriage fatally fractured. Love doesn't like hearing this and she sends the gun Joe found into the cage. The new plan is that whatever he shoots at the other will be released or they can die together in their perfect marriage.

Wow. But at the same time... maybe not the worst idea? And frankly, it's impressive how long the Conrads last before they start discussing what would be best for their children to survive.

However, the blogging plan works. The town is in an uproar over Matthew's surveillance, and Jean shows up to reinforce the ridiculousness of her theory that Love killed Natalie, planted her ring, and arranged for Gil's suicide. Ah, if she only knew!

She encourages Matthew to accept that Natalie had secrets and reluctantly agrees to wipe all drives.

Meanwhile, Joe is devastated to learn that Marienne plans to follow Ryan and Juliette to New Jersey and decides that Ryan must die. He takes some of the tranquilizer from Cary's stash of sexual supplies, but Ryan senses he's being followed and attacks Joe first.

Joe ends up throwing Ryan over the edge of a parking lot, but the guy survives. That's two for two in terms of super healthy guys who have survived some pretty bad knockdowns courtesy of Joe.

With no other choice, Joe stabs Ryan in the chest and settles for a mugging scenario gone wrong.

And now we come to the most exciting moments of the entire season so far. Theo has his own copy of Matthew's Joe-related footage and discovers a video showing Joe opening the trunk and getting into Natalie's car.

He tries to reach Love and heads to the bakery, where the thud of a gunshot catches his attention. OH MY GOD THEO, NOT DOWN THERE.

He breaks down the cage room door to find Sherry pointing the gun at Cary. (He tried to shoot himself out of the cage, against her advice, and the bullet ricocheted and hit her ear, understandably adding to the marital tension.)

The Conrads ask for Theo's help and insist that both JoeYLove is implicated in Natalie's murder. Theo finally agrees to look upstairs for a key, and that's where Love finds it.

The next scene is almost too heartbreaking to relive. Theo doesn't even try to lie to the woman he loves and begs her to escape with him from her murderous husband. Dylan Arnold is outstanding in this scene, his face tells us that he knows the truth but desperately wishes he hadn't.

When Love begs him to leave town and never come back, he agrees and turns to leave, almost as if accepting what she does next.

And he decides to hit his skull with a fire extinguisher and throw him down the basement stairs.

As we get closer to the end, Joe has vowed to end his marriage, but Love knows that he lied to her. They also have three people in the basement, one of whom appears dead, and a grieving husband out for revenge. Nothing Joe can't handle, right?


  • How funny is it that Love and Joe are horrified that Cary is bringing a gun into their house? And it was also the only time she really needed him.
  • You know, I'm actually kind of proud of Joe. He did almost nine episodes without killing anyone. Let's see how the body count turns out after the final...

Episode 10: "What is Love?"


'You' Season 3 Spree Recap: Joe trying to survive his usual unhappiness (9)

"You" season 3.

| Photo Credit: NETFLIX

Friends,HeThis is how you end a season and complete a story arc. come on!

Joe has a good feeling about his future. He and Marienne run away to France together, which is what she always dreamed of. All he has to do is take care of Theo's body and slip away from Love.

Problem: Theo is not dead yet.

He recovers when Joe wraps him in a tarp and sadly asks why Love would do this to him. God, this poor child. Joe feels the same way and takes him and his head wound to a hospital.

Now we come to the most awkward fried chicken dinner ever. Love finds Joe's bloody shirt and puts two and two together when she finds out about Ryan's death.

(Video) What is dr Joe Dispenza's formula? Explained!

She asks about Marienne and Joe's silence is the confession she needs. She says that she killed for him because she was too sensitive to handle it and she is furious that he is willing to kill for Marienne.

Joe then says five dangerous words: "Honey, I want a divorce."

Henry's yelling breaks the tension, and as Love leaves to calm him down, Joe grabs the carving knife. But Love dosed the handle of the knife with Aconite, the paralytic she used to kill her first husband. Joe wouldn't have been lying motionless on the ground if he hadn't grabbed the knife in the first place. smart girl.

Love unlocks her phone, texts Marienne to come in, and leaves to deliver an order of cupcakes.

While she's gone, Matthew breaks in and goes looking for Theo. At Joe's frantic blink, he unlocks his phone to see a search for a hospital. He runs off to find Theo, leaving Joe in Love's clutches. Heck, okay, this show officially makes me reconsider the wisdom of facial recognition.

When Marienne arrives, Love invites her to an adult chat. She agrees, unaware that Love has a carving fork behind her back.

Marienne, who really seems like a nice person, maybe the best person Joe has ever fallen in love with, says that she should have known Joe was too good to be true, prompting Love to pay attention to that little voice listening. in her head telling her that she deserves better too.

Instead, Love tells Marienne to take Juliette and run. Joe tries to convince himself that Marienne was just playing a game to get away, but we hope she's already booked a one-way flight to Paris.

With Marienne out of harm's way, Joe reveals that he was always one step ahead of Love. Noticing that she was growing monkshood, also known as monkshood, in her garden, he researched antidotes and drank one before dinner. This means that he can inject Love with the lethal dose of monkshood that she has been preparing for.areearlier.

With her dying breath, Love warns him that Henry will know what it is, but he's also prepared for it.

In the season finale flashbacks, Joe learns that Sister Fiona "moved to Ohio", but knows she is dead and blames himself for not doing more to get her away from her abuser, including pushing him down the stairs. But he didn't want Fiona to hate him like his mother. With that in mind, he seeks out his mother, who says that she made too many mistakes with him and had to start over with her new son, Jacob.

Poor Joe. He doesn't excuse anything he's done, but he sheds some light on why it all happened. He ends up leaving Henry at Dante and Lansing's doorstep because he doesn't want him to end up in the system.

In the basement of the bakery, the cage somehow brings Sherry and Cary closer together (despite her shooting him in the ear in retaliation for the ricochet). She says that she just wanted to be good enough for her golden boy, and he says that he loved her from the moment he saw her. As he starts to walk away from her blood loss, she slaps him and he mutters "sexy."

Then Sherry has a great idea: Joe and Love didn't trust each other, so they hid a key in the cage. She breaks the bakeware that neither of them wants to eat until she finds it, and how dare this show care so much about these two?

Okay, let's go back to Quinn Goldberg's residence where Joe went through the final stages of his plan. He drags Love's body into the kitchen and puts the wolfsbane syringe into her hand. He then he composes a suicidal email from Love to Mother Linda HOA confessing to the adulterer's murder, blaming the anti-vaxxers, getting rid of the reporter, and shutting down the couple who tried to sabotage her.

Next, and I'm choking as I type this, he cuts off TWO TOES FROM HIS TOES and stuffs one into the "Love" sacrificial trophy box. The other goes to a chicken pot pie that he made. He sticks it in the oven, turns the gas to full, lights up his photo album, and gets the hell out of Dodge.

With this half-charred evidence, Joe is pronounced dead and Love becomes theMrs. Lovett from Mother Linda, even more famous than Guinevere Beck.

Looking back, we see that the city has recovered well. Matthew checks Theo out of the hospital after physical therapy, the two laugh together. Good for you.

Dante and Lansing are great parents to Henry. Joe left a letter expressing his desire to have his child raised and "nobody says no to a man who's turned into cake." Dottie even gives up custody.

Andrew and Jackson take over the bakery, renaming it Women of Good Behavior and selling Instagram-friendly T-shirts, and Sherry and Cary take their captivity to stardom and write a book about cages as radical couples therapy. Now they do TED talks.

In short, life on Madre Linda goes on while Joe, now called Nick, presumably surnamed Carraway, is in France. Marienne has disappeared, but he will look for her all over the world if necessary.

And you know what? I think she will.


  • There is,Offans. This was a tight 10-episode story, with threads from the early episodes weaving into the later ones to create a noose around Love and Joe that only one of them managed to escape. Interestingly, the show leaves things open enough for Joe to quibble.almost everything in season 4.
  • Is my recollection of past seasons hazy, or have these been the most likable supporting characters on the show so far? Marienne, Dante, Theo, Matthew in her way… Hell, even Sherry offering Cary the only cake Love brought them was an act of kindness in her way.
  • Although I read the first two books, I didn't pick up the third, which, to my knowledge, is quite different from what we just saw. Regardless, this has been an incredibly enjoyable season of television and I'm glad you all came to ride with me. Until next time!

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'You' Season 3 Spree Recap: Joe trying to survive his usual unhappiness (13)

You (TV Series)

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  • will play
  • Gregory Berlanti
  • netflix
  • Life expectancy
(Video) Impractical Jokers: Top You Laugh You Lose Moments (Mashup) | truTV


Does Joe Let Will Go? ›

Will is able to convince Joe that he has no intention of turning him in if he releases him, that he just wants to go to Manilla to be with his girlfriend who he met on the internet. Joe decides to let Will out believing the promise that Will won't tell anyone about Joe's true identity.

What is the synopsis of You season 3? ›

Synopsis. In the third season, Joe and Love are married and raising their newborn son, Henry, in the fictitious Californian suburb of Madre Linda. As their relationship dynamic takes a new turn, Joe continues to repeat the cycle of obsession with a burgeoning interest in Natalie Engler, the next door neighbor.

Who was Joe looking for at the end of season 3? ›

Finally, we catch up with Joe, presumed dead by everyone he knew; he has moved to Paris and is searching for Marienne.

What was in Joe's box in You season 3? ›

In the season 3, episode 1 opener of You, a popular Netflix show about a serial killer named Joe Goldberg, his wife finds his murder box. Inside it contains a pair of underwear, a coffee sleeve, and a used, bloody tampon, strategically placed in a Ziplock bag, the string wound neatly around it.

Why did Joe release will? ›

Ultimately, Joe decides to let Will go to prove to himself that he can overcome his tendencies to murder every person he locks in the vault. He trusts in Will's promise never to tell anyone about the kidnapping.

What happens to Joe and Love's baby? ›

In the final episode of You season 3, Joe poisons and kills Love, but before that he gives baby Henry away to a couple who is better fit to parent. He drops off Henry at Dante's (Ben Mehl) house, one of his co-workers at the library who seems like a good person.

What happens to Joe at the end of you Season 3? ›

In the end, Joe fakes his death and blames it all on Love

The end of Season 3' of “You's” final episode reveals that Joe has stolen away to Paris on a hunch that Marienne has moved there with her daughter.

What was Joe's name in season 3? ›

Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg.

Does Love get pregnant in you Season 3? ›

Being pregnant was the thing that saved Love's life, so maybe, because of that, she thinks that being pregnant again could solve her problems. What a wild, wild show. Although there was a short pregnancy scare in episode 5 and episode 6, Love does not get pregnant in You season 3.

Who is Joes obsession season 3? ›

Natalie Engler (Killed by Love): Joe and Love's next-door neighbor, Natalie is murdered by Love in Episode 1, after Love discovers that Joe is becoming obsessed with her.

Who is Joe stalking in season 3? ›

But Joe has managed to hold onto a shred of his old self: He's become obsessed with his gorgeous, bookish next-door neighbor Natalie Engler (Michaela McManus).

Did Joe's mom abandon him? ›

A flashback in the finale revealed that Joe's mom moved on and started looking after another child after abandoning her son. Effectively, she left Joe behind for good, much to the chagrin of our antihero. But the maternal influence in Joe's life might be back for future installments of the series.

What was in the box at the end of you Season 3? ›

(Which, to be fair, she was the perpetrator of most of the violence this season.) Joe methodically chops off two of his toes, bakes one of them into a pie, and places a box of evidence, including Natalie's teeth, Gil's watch, and his other toe, next to Love's dead body.

What was in Joe's box that Beck found? ›

Things get intense when Joe realizes that Beck found his box of trophies. Beck is horrified when she finds the box of trophies Joe has kept from stalking her and Candace, including her underwear, old phone, and Benji's teeth.

What is Joe's issue in you? ›

Joe is a loner bookstore manager who becomes infatuated with a woman named Guinevere Beck and begins to stalk her to find out everything about her and hopefully make her fall in love with him. However, his obsession soon becomes out of control when he starts trying to control every aspect of her life.

What happens to Joe in the end of you? ›

However, that doesn't go as planned as Love finds out that Joe is involved with Marienne and plots to poison him (in case you missed it, that's also how Love ended her first marriage). Joe pretends to be paralyzed by the poison until he gets up and injects Love to death with a syringe filled with poison.

What happens at the end of Joe? ›

Wade asks Joe if he is his friend, and when Joe doesn't answer, leaps to his death. Joe then collapses and looks at the gaping wound in his side. Gary arrives with the sheriff and embraces Joe as he dies. He then looks down and sees his father's body.

Does Joe set will free? ›

In Will's case, Joe eventually set him free. That's because, in season 2, Joe was desperate to prove that he wasn't the monstrous person Beck (Elizabeth Lail) accused him of being before her own death.

What happens to Joe in you? ›

After a season-long game of cat and mouse, the third season of You culminated with a showdown between Joe (Penn Badgley) and Love (Victoria Pedretti) that resulted in the latter's death. This death came as a shock to audiences who had grown accustomed to Love in the driver's seat alongside Joe.


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