'You' Season 2 Recap and Ending Explained: Everything you need to know ahead of Season 3 (2023)

[Editor's Note: The following containsspoilersuntil the end of season 2 ofYou, "Love, indeed."]

Nearly two years have passed since the second season ofYoupremiered on Netflix on December 26, 2019. After an excruciatingly long wait, Netflix announced last week that the third season is finally here. With 10 new episodes, the third season ofYouwill be released on October 15th. It's been a long time since we broke out in a cold sweat waiting for Joe (Penn Badgley) to claim their next victim, so we're giving you a quick recap of Season 2 and that shocking plot twist.

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Body count: 7 (and surprisingly, only 3 of which ended up in Joe's hands)

The 15th of October is fast approaching, so there's no time to waste. Here's Everyone Who Died in Season 2You.

Joe's Pai (Flashback)

'You' Season 2 Recap and Ending Explained: Everything you need to know ahead of Season 3 (1)

We delve deeper into Joe's past in season two, specifically the abusive relationship between his mother (Magda Apanowicz) and father. Joe's father was physically and emotionally abusive to him and his mother, while Joe's mother often neglected Joe and left him alone while he sought the company of other men. In season two, we witness Joe's first murder, in which he killed his father to protect his mother.

Au Pair de Love and Forty (Flashback)

'You' Season 2 Recap and Ending Explained: Everything you need to know ahead of Season 3 (2)

Oh, amor Quinn (Victoria Pedretti), the "perfectly imperfect girl" who provided that important plot twist. Joe's new love interest proved his codependent relationship with his twin brother Forty (James Scully) has no limits. She reveals that when she and Forty were younger, they had an au pair from Spain named Sofia (Brooke Johnson) who had a sexual relationship with Forty. Cuarenta believed that he and Sofía were in love, but Amor saw what Cuarenta could not: Cuarenta was a minor who was being sexually abused. We learn that Love slit the au pair's throat in a harsh and violent act of protection. She thought it would be better if her parents thought Forty murdered the nanny, so she staged it to make it look like Forty murdered Sofia in a blackout. The powerful Quinn family interpreted this as suicide.


After Joe steals the identity of the real Will Bettelheim (robin senhor taylor) and locks him in his cage, he soon finds himself in a compromising position. It turns out that Will owes a huge debt to his client Jasper (Steven W. Bailey). Joe meets with Jasper in hopes of paying him back, but unfortunately for Joe, Will owes Jasper $50,000. Jasper cuts off Joe's finger and threatens to kill him if he doesn't get the money. Joe eventually takes Jasper to the cage and explains that he is not the real Will Bettelheim. Regardless, Jasper doesn't care that he won't get his $50,000, so he pulls out his switchblade to kill Joe, who stabs him to death with a knife from his workbench. He later cuts Jasper's body into pieces, puts them in a meat grinder and throws them in the trash. Classic Joe, right?

Henderson aka "Hendy"

'You' Season 2 Recap and Ending Explained: Everything you need to know ahead of Season 3 (4)

Henderson (Chris D´Elia), the famous "man of the people" comedian with a secret history of child molestation, is Joe's second victim in season two. Joe feels it is his duty to protect Ellie (Jenna Maria Ortega), of Delilah (Carmela Zumbado) 15-year-old sister who is Hendy's intern. Joe manages to drug and tie up Henderson in his basement and demands that Hendy confess to his crimes. After Henderson breaks free of his restraints and tries to escape, Joe chases him and throws him against a wall in an attempt to stop him from escaping, ending up killing Hendy. Joe stages it to look like a suicide, though it isn't long before it is investigated as a murder.


'You' Season 2 Recap and Ending Explained: Everything you need to know ahead of Season 3 (5)

In one of the most tragic deaths of seasons 1 and 2 ofYou, Joe finds Delilah dead in her cage in a pool of her own blood after Joe locked her up upon discovering her secret life as a cold-blooded killer. Joe assumes he was the one who murdered Delilah during a hazy night of drugs after Forty secretly slipped LSD into her drink. He discovers in a shocking turn of events that it was, in fact, Love who killed Delilah. Love found the keys to Joe's cage, and after finding Delilah locked away, she slit her throat to protect Joe.


'You' Season 2 Recap and Ending Explained: Everything you need to know ahead of Season 3 (6)

In a shocking twist, after Candace (Ambyr children) calls Love to see what (she assumes) Joe did to Delilah, Love slits Candace's throat and kills her in what appears to be a signature move, which Love justifies doing no matter what it takes to protect Delilah. It's a tragic ending for Candace who, as we learned in season two, was buried alive by Joe. Turns out, it probably would have been a lot better if Candace had called the police instead of Love after locking Joe in the cage.


'You' Season 2 Recap and Ending Explained: Everything you need to know ahead of Season 3 (7)

At the end of Season 2, Forty begins to discover the truth about Joe. She has already discovered and accepted that Joe has adopted a false name, but as soon as she discovers with certainty that Joe is a murderer, Forty rushes to warn Love. Of course, Forty doesn't know that Love already knows everything there is to know about Joe's murderous secrets and is hatching a plan with Joe to appease Forty and convince him that her beliefs about Joe are just hoaxes. In a final confrontation on Anavrin, Forty holds a gun to Joe's head. Joe closes his eyes and seemingly accepts his fate when David Fincher (Danny Vasquez) breaks in and shoots Forty. After Forty is killed, Fincher begins hunting Forty for the murder of Henderson, a terrible false legacy that the troubled Quinn brother will now leave behind.

Season 2 finale explained

'You' Season 2 Recap and Ending Explained: Everything you need to know ahead of Season 3 (8)

We should have known there was something fishy about Love when she actually went to the trouble of making Joe an entire skillet of cinnamon rolls with salt instead of sugar, just to be clear.

By the end of Season 2, it's clear that Joe has indeed met his match. In a shocking plot twist, it is revealed that Love murdered Delilah, Joe's neighbor and brief love interest who uncovered the story of Joe's murder. When Joe locks Delilah in her cage, he's determined to let her out and prove to himself that she's not the killer she once was. He knows Delilah doesn't deserve to die, and more importantly for Joe, Ellie will be alone if he kills Delilah. As Joe shows in season one with Paco, he has a soft spot when it comes to protecting children, likely due to the darkness of his own childhood.

Joe promises Delilah that he will let her out after making plans to get out of town as soon as possible. He puts a timer on the pair of handcuffs he uses on Delilah so that once he leaves Los Angeles, she will be released. Unfortunately, while making preparations, he runs into Forty, who wants his help with the script they are working on. After Forty drugs Joe in an attempt to channel his inner creative genius and finish the screenplay for his film adaptation of Beck (elizabeth leil), Joe is unable to reconstruct the events of the night. To his horror, he finds Delilah dead in her cage, her throat slashed. Naturally, he assumes he was the one who murdered her.

'You' Season 2 Recap and Ending Explained: Everything you need to know ahead of Season 3 (9)

To make matters worse, Candace, who found Joe and is determined to stop Joe from harming the Quinn family, finds the keys to Joe's storage room where he keeps his cage. He manages to lock Joe in the cage along with Delilah, who he assumes Joe killed, just like he did to Beck and tried to do this to her. Candace calls Love so she can show her once and for all who Joe really is. When Love arrives to find Joe in the cage, she tells Candace to let him out and begs Joe to tell Candace he didn't. As Joe admits his true colors, Love walks away, apparently disgusted, and vomits into a garbage can. As Candace gives chase, Love turns and, in a shocking move, slits Candace's throat with a broken bottle, killing her instantly.

She goes back to Joe and tells him that she took care of Candace. Joe is horrified and thinks he broke it. To his utter disbelief and horror, Love tells him that she was the one who killed Delilah and that she knows everything about Joe's past after his family's private investigator was able to dig up information about him. Not only does he forgive Joe's actions, he also defends them. According to Love, Joe was justified in his murderous actions because, like her, he was forced to do bad things while learning how to survive when they were very young. She then drops another bombshell: she was the one who killed Forty's au pair after she sexually abused him. She claims that she and Joe are the same. They are soulmates.

Joe is absolutely horrified. She asks Love to think about Ellie, and Love reveals that she has already thought of a plan for Ellie. He framed Ellie for Henderson's death, but only so he could defend her with the Quinn family lawyer, who will have the case dropped due to lack of evidence and the fact that Ellie is a 15-year-old girl. Delilah's body is then found with a suicide note, revealing Henderson's true colors and turning her into a feminist icon, effectively killing Ellie's case. Ellie will then walk away with the settlement money that will keep her for life. Love tells her, "While I was seeing you, I was seeing the real you, you were busy contemplating a fucking fantasy. A perfectly imperfect girl. You saw what you wanted to see. But I was always here, all along It wasn't all that hard All you had to do was look.

Joe, stunned, speaks for all of us: "What. Fuck?"

'You' Season 2 Recap and Ending Explained: Everything you need to know ahead of Season 3 (10)

Joe finally convinces Love to let him out of the cage. When he does, he immediately tries to slit his throat with Delilah's broken handcuffs. Then, Love drops one last bombshell: she's pregnant with his child. Joe, stunned by the revelation, realizes that he cannot kill her. He resigns himself to spending his life with Love so he can be the father he never had, even though his image of Love is completely shattered.

Meanwhile, Forty begins to piece together Joe's past and races to warn Love. In a confrontation on Anavrin, Forty desperately tries to tell Love who Joe really is and what he really did. Love, who obviously already knows this, tries to convince Forty that he is spiraling. In a desperate attempt to stop Forty, who is holding a gun to Joe's head, Love tells him that she is pregnant. Forty, however, is firm in her decision. Joe closes his eyes, accepting his fate, when Officer Fincher suddenly breaks into the cafe and shoots Forty, killing him. Love is torn apart.

We then flash forward to the future where we see that Joe and Love have moved to suburban California. Love is much further along in her pregnancy and Joe delivers his last monologue of the season. Joe is looking forward to meeting his son, though he says he's resigned to living in a cage he built himself. Until he realized that fate works in mysterious ways. All the traumatic events up to this point have led him to the perfect place to meet... "you", the mysterious woman who lives on the other side of the fence.

And here we go again.

YouThe third season premieres on Netflix on October 15.

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