What really happened to Jamie Foxx? Clearly he doesn't want us to know yet. (2023)

  • In April, Academy Award winner Jamie Foxx suffered a medical emergency while filming in Atlanta.
  • Although months have passed, his fans still don't know what happened to him.
  • This may be intentional.

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Nobody knows what's going onJamie Foxx— and after months of confusion, that could be intentional.

Last week, the Oscar-winning actor was seen in public for the first time since being hospitalized in April.In video obtained by TMZFoxx waved to fans as he cruised the Chicago River on a yacht and performed his 2008 hit, "Blame It." aon twitter, promoting his own whiskey brand, appeared on his Twitter account - his first since mid-March. "Life on the boat 🦊," the July 9 message read. "Celebrate Summer With @brownsugarbbn Stay Blessed!"

Foxx's diatribe and subsequent tweet rocked the media and made international headlines.another videothen appeared with the comedian at a Topgolf training camp in Naperville, Illinois. In the clip, Foxx looked healthy and hit a golf ball really hard.

We hope Foxx and indeed him are doing wellvisualWell, but there is no official word from his camp. In fact, there has been a lack of information on Foxx's health since April.



On April 11, his daughter, Corinne, shared a family statement, revealing that Foxx had "experienced a medical complication," adding that "thanks to prompt action and great care, he is already on the mend."

CNNreported at the time that the actor was taken to a hospital in Atlanta. Foxx was in the Georgian city to film his new Netflix movie 'Back in Action' alongside Cameron Diaz and Glenn Close, and was not on set at the time. days later,reports appearedthat Foxx was still receiving medical care in an institution.

During the month of April, the only news of Foxx's recovery did not come from his family. Instead, they sprang from their famous friends, Martin Lawrence saidExtrathat he heard Foxx was "better" as Nick said Cannonentertainment tonightthat he was "awake" and "alert". Kevin Hart added that while not knowing "the exact details", Foxx showed "a lot of progress".

For someone of Foxx's celebrity level, where was a PR pro's perfectly crafted, coordinated message about his health updates? Where was the official statement from your talent agent? Do celebrities owe their fans access to the most intimate parts of their lives, especially when it comes to health issues?

Well, it's complicated.



Part of being a celebrity is "giving people updates," says one blogger

What really happened to Jamie Foxx? Clearly he doesn't want us to know yet. (1)

Chandan Khanna/AFP via Getty Images

Blogger and podcast host B. Scott said the answer is nuanced.

“Having a fan base of people who know and love you is part of being a celebrity – the good and the bad – giving people updates is life. And life happens to you too. keep you posted," Scott said in the"Life Has Been Life"podcast episode "The B. Scott Show" around 40 minutes.

"That's how you make money — your celebrity and the people who come to your movies, television shows and things like that," added B. Scott, noting that Foxx gave them their first show on SiriusXM.

Despite being a celebrity, B. Scott admitted that he "don't know" if Foxx is "obliged" to publicly share his health issues. They added, "I don't know if that's true."



Many celebrities have an extraordinary talent that has brought them into the public eye. Fans are drawn to them and turn these rare talents into stars. It is the fandom that creates the celebrity and there is no doubt that there is a symbiotic relationship where both feed off each other.

Still, celebrities are human and it's impossible for them to share everything all the time and in real time. So whether or not celebrities owe their personal lives to their fans, what's clear in Foxx's case is that he doesn't want us to know what happened. At least not now.

Foxx fans accuse Corrine Foxx of spreading misinformation

What really happened to Jamie Foxx? Clearly he doesn't want us to know yet. (2)

Michael Kovac/Getty Images para Moët & Chandon)

The worldfirst learned about Foxx's health incident from his daughter, Corine. In April, the 29-year-old revealed in a family statement that her father was in hospital recovering from an undisclosed emergency.

His now-deleted message read: "Fortunately, thanks to prompt action and great care, he is already on the mend." The message continued: “We know how much he is loved and we appreciate your prayers. The family is asking for privacy during this time.”



Rumors about Foxx's health immediately began to surface. Remarkable,Mike Tyson shared that with Foxx, who has been asked to play the former boxing star in an upcoming biopic series, has suffered a stroke.

On May 12,Corinne is back on Instagramto respond after she said the media was "crazy". In an update, she said her dad was fine, he played pickleball, and he isweeks out of hospitalrecovering." But two days later, a seemingly contradictory update said Foxx was inRehabilitation centerin Chicago. According to CNN, the center "specializes in rehabilitation care for patients with physical disabilities, brain or spinal injuries."

Scott pointed out on his podcast that his daughter's statement was inconsistent with the reports and appeared to be misinformation.

His daughter said he played pickleball. Do you know how active you have to be and how coordinated you have to be to play pickleball?' they asked.



Scott noted that if Foxx could play pickleball, the Oscar winner could definitely host his show "Beat Shazam." However, in May, Fox, the network behind the interactive caller ID game show, announced thatCannon would replace Foxx as guest host, because of his ongoing health problems.

“Nothing works,” concluded B. Scott.

Insider reached out to Corinne, but didn't immediately hear back.

The presenter also noted that Foxx, who seems to enjoy social media, would normally have no problem "going straight to the camera" or speaking directly to his audience to clear up rumors about his health - unless there's some truth to it. was in his posts that he had. a stroke..



I checked his Instagram account to do my own "research," and in February Foxx posted 42 times. In March, the month before Foxx's medical emergency, the comedian posted 25 times. Many were photos or videos of him promoting his pickleball business and other projects he and his celebrity friends had. In April, that number dropped to six. In May and June, the actor posted once each.

Based on the actor's post pattern, fans were left wondering whether or not the beloved actor isgood enoughafter. The proof seems to be in the mail.

It's not "appropriate" for a celebrity to provide real-time updates, says a celebrity publicist

What really happened to Jamie Foxx? Clearly he doesn't want us to know yet. (3)

David M. Benett/WireImage/Getty

The lack of reports on the actor's health also spawned wild conspiracy theories. some havelinked Foxx disease to COVID-19 vaccinationwhile others claimed soFox passed away.

Knowing that the internet is a breeding ground for disinformation, why not set the record straight?



Celebrity publicist Ernest Dukes told Insider there could be several reasons why Foxx is taking the time to speak officially.

“We live in a world where we are used to receiving everything in real time,” he began. “Fans want instant gratification to know what is going on. But when it comes to health issues, you may not know what's going on, or it's an evolving thing."

Dukes, who is a publicist for Babyface, Jeezy and Charlie Wilson, added that it's "not good" for a celebrity to provide real-time updates, especially when it comes to health, as you can be "good or bad today." tomorrow."

Still, Dukes said if Foxx were his client, he would ultimately advise him to speak openly — as far as he felt comfortable sharing. about: "Well, what's the best way out so we can talk about this sometime and then get back to work," he added.



Dukes, who also owns amarketing and PR agency, continued that fans should exercise patience "and don't have that right".

“He makes his music, we buy the album. He's making a movie, we support the movie," he said of Foxx. "We get what we deserve and owe when we support these things."

Foxx is an artist who has brought joy to generations of people around the world, and the public's concern for his health seems genuine. Whether Foxx tells us what really happened to him or keeps his medical history to himself, which he has every right to do, we as fans have only one question: talk about it ourselves.


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