Uzaki-chan wants out! Season 2 Episode 9 Review (2023)

Sit back and prepare for quality family bonding in this episode ofUzaki-chan wants to hang out!All of the Uzaki kids have finished their exams, and what better way to unwind than with a family trip to a hot spring. Fuji heard about a good one from one of his gym members, so they decide to go there. Kiri secures their meeting withSakurai naked at the gym, and it is enough for him to unsubscribe from this trip so that the rest of the family leaves without him. Along the way, Yanagi taunts Uzaki, saying that she would rather be alone with her senpai in those hot springs. Fuji catches him in the mirror andstarting to get a little street rage. He thinks about how his daughter got home later, but every time he tries to ask about it, she just dances around. He remembers Uzaki's youth teaching him the Kansai dialect and they got along well.

Once they reach the hot springs,You see the petand take photos. There is an odd moment with the hot springs pet and the random cat appearing in the background of scenes throughout the anime. Let's get down to business. Cats are cute, many cat lovers would agree, but this cat is the least.cute animal that appears on the screenof theTucker family mascot Alexander from Fullmetal Alchemistand everyone knows how that ended. That being said, this isn't the last time the cat will appear in this episode.

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The lion's den

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After going inside, Yanagi and Uzaki enjoy the hot spring while Fuji and Tsuki watch from the side. The family spends time in various baths, from wine baths to coffee baths, and at this point there's no way viewers won't feel at least a little envious of hot springs. For onlookers who haven't yet experienced the relaxing joy of a sauna, this is definitely one to add to your bucket list. Fuji is very happy for the family to enjoy the hot springs, but Uzaki, Yanagi, and Tsuki make more noise in the "Surgeonfish" bath than Fuji is comfortable with, and he tries to calm them down. As soon as she steps into the bathroom, the tables turn and her moans of pleasure make Tsuki uncomfortable.

While Yanagi and Uzaki are contemplating where to go after leaving their parents alone, two random guys approach them to talk and Yanagi hastily silences them. The boys invite her over for drinks and Yanagi mentions that they are there with the family. the boys arequite thirsty and can't take a hint, so they ask for your contact information. Yanagi points out that since she and Uzaki are in high school, it would be a crime. Uzaki picks it up and is surprised that the boys actually believed it from the two. When the boys creepily say they'll be back at the base in a few years, Fuji appears behind them and scares them.

Fuji then thinks he can't let his daughters walk around in their cute bathing suits and likens it to dumping raw meat in a safari park full of lions. Those are some pretty colorful pictures. He apologizes for leaving her alone. The two daughters mention that he is never too far away and that he will always protect them, which makes him cry. He then overhears the same two guys flirting with Tsuki, so he shoos her away again. These guys just don't give up.

When Fuji overhears other guys talking about a beautiful body, he gets excited again, but when he confronts them, it turns out they were impressed with his body. they conquer itpretty quick and posing for photos. The rest of the Uzakifamily watches while posingfor photos and Tsuki points out how Fuji loves people to compliment his body. Start with training advice. even the catthe mascot of the series gets onand do side push-ups.

Uzaki leaves to explore the sauna himself. She finds a bathing spot in a cave. Ironically, he meets Sakurai and Sakaki. You start to wonder if Sakaki planned it, but this time it's 100% coincidence, or so he says. Sakurai ponders how to talk to her normally after swimming his heart out of the water the other day. Sakurai and Uzaki talk normally.

Coincidence? It can be like that

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After giving them an amused look, Sakaki shares some true facts, pointing out that Uzaki spends so much time with Sakurai that he can only be with him when she's not around. He even says that she has higher priority. Neither can deny it. Uzaki mentions that if Sakurai was so lonely, she's sorry she couldn't hang out with him today and offers to join them. Sakurai tells him to enjoy spending time with his family today and they can be together another time. Uzaki reflects on the time he has spent with his family so far and agrees with Sakurai.

Before she leaves, she asks him if he will say the same thing he always says, and he hesitantly compliments her on her bathing suit. Even now, Asai's advice to congratulate Uzaki really made a difference and improved his relationship with Sakurai. Uzaki returns to his family,smile from ear to ear.

There is aRandom scene with catand the pet, where the cat appears to have finished its training. I have to say that I didn't need that scene or the moments later where the cat scares other cats off the Uzaki family rooftop.

The weakest link is back

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Back at Uzaki's house, everyone is sitting in the living room waiting for dinner to end. They tell Kiri about their time in the sauna. Kiri is a bit jealous for not going, and after his father suggests he come next time, Kiri begins to regret not going and eagerly agrees to go next time. He realizes that since even "little ones" like his sisters get spanked in the sauna, maybe he could get spanked by a college girl.The two sisters beat him hardat the back of the head. Watching her family quarrel, Tsuki thinks heartily of her family's follies.

this episode ofUzaki-chan wants to hang out!It was funnier than the previous one, partly due to the fact that it featured more members of the Uzaki family than just one of the less funny members. It's like the creators of the show know that Kiri is the weakest link in the Uzaki clan. Despite this, the episode still underperformed compared to other, more resonant episodes of the current season. This episode hinted more at Fuji and Tsuki's relationship, which was nice considering it gave them more characterization, but it would be great to see more. Sure, these two are supporting characters, but seeing their relationship exist outside of their interactions with Uzaki, Sakurai, or the other Uzaki kids is definitely a step in the right direction.

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