The best root killers for 2023 wastewater pipes (2023)

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Slowly let the bathtubs and the mop, the sound of the gorge that came from the drain, the toilets that go back regularly, although this could be the current obstacles, you could also have something to do with these large trees in your garden.When the trees also grow their root systems.Over time, these roots can bury a house in the main drainage tube, which finally causes AblockingIf he catches early, an economic root killer could solve the problem and save the owners an expensive call to a plumber.

The root killers consist of chemicals, which are simply valid in days or weeks, the problem that the roots rotting and withered, while some of these products depend on hard chemicals, others use basic ingredients that are contained in most kitchens in theseLooking for and discovering drainage cleaning products that are the best root killers of the market.

  1. Better in general: Green government for root murderer
  2. Mejor Bang for the money: Zep
  3. Best foam: Red Foam root killer
  4. Better strong service: Root root intrusion solution kit
  5. Also think about: Holy industries root uncut


Before buying a root killer for wastewater pipes

Root assassins often contain chemicals that can be harmful to the environment.Before the model before you decide to use AFirst of the RaizIn order to banish the roots of the trees, block the drain pipes, initially do not take chemical solutions into account for this problem.

  • Determine the cause of "root".It is difficult to know whether the roots of the trees are the culprit without digging out the pipes and examining them first hand.However, there are signs of the roots of the trees.The persistent bad smells that emerge from the drain that the roots catch the waste in the lines.And if there is of course a considerable tree of less than 20 feet from the drainage line of the main cancer, it is possible that your roots violate the sewage system.
  • Rent a plumber:A specialist can manually eliminate the roots that devastated the drain.Although this is an expensive solution, this can be the only option if the problem is serious.
  • Rent a wastewater snake:A plumber would probably use AWastewater snake GrandeTo remove the roots from the offensive tree.This motorized tool consists of a long steel cable with a blade at the end.When the engine is switched on, the cable moves through the pipe and chew blockages when it progresses.If you are good machines, auxiliary workers can rent a wastewater snake in a local home improvement business for half a day for around $ 50.
  • Remove the tree:Although cutting the roots of the trees can temporarily solve the problem, the roots could grow again and cut the drainage lines again.If the tree is covered or can last at the end of its life, elimination of the tree can completely solve the problem of permanent form.
  • Replace the drainage line:If the drainage line is old and falls apart, it can make sense to completely replace it.While this is the case, the plumber can redirect the new line to avoid a threatening tree root.

What should be considered if you select the best root killer for wastewater pipes

When buying a root killer, consider the best man for work, how long will it be a work and every security problem that is used.Read to get this crucial information about the best root killers.


The root killers are herbicides, chemicals that destroy plants or inhibit their growth.They are available in four types of different formulas: glass, dust, liquid or foam as prevention.

Bicperpersulfat, A herbicide that contains in many products that kill the root, in the form of glass, dust or liquid.It has the ability to kill roots without knocking the entire tree.If it is used, it can also corrode the steel or galvanized pipe walls or even melt nutrients and bacteria so that the life of water lives, harvesting and even damaging drinking water.

DiclobenilIt has a foam formula that fills the tube and then dissolves the roots of the trees.This herbicide is much less toxic than copper sulfate: the environmental protection authority classifies that it has little toxicity.It does not damage trees and shrubs.Some foam root murderers do not use diclobenyl, but opt for echo ingredients and jumps such as salt and baking powder or sodium bicarbonate.

working hours

In contrast to drainage cleaners who work within minutes to clean an obstacle, the root grains do not offer such immediate satisfaction.The root killer of the foam trees takes between 2 and 7 days to dissolve the roots of the trees, depending on how thick the roots are.


Suitable safety precautions should be taken when using root bodies, since these products generally contain chemicals that are dangerous for humans.Belk -Root murderers can cause irritation in the eye or skin, use these products.

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Copper sulfate vapors are also dangerous to breathe.It must therefore be taken care of avoiding smoke.Potentially melting plastic -polyvinyl chloride or PVC pipes.

All root murderers are safe for use in sewage pit systems because they do not damage the bacterial effect in the tank.Some root killers can even be added directly to a sewage pitch system to kill all the roots that may grow.

Our best teams

The root murderers below include foam products and copper sulfate that have been detected.These root killers are easy to advertise and generally delete a disabled line in a few days or weeks.

Better in general


Green government for root murderer



A secure but effective foam formula, the foam root root killer adheres to the roots and dehydrated and kills them.She robbed her of water.It is based on a mixture of salt and sodium bicarbonate so that it is safe for the environment.In the environment.In a few days, the roots of the dried trees become fragile and dissolves.

Using the root killer is simple.Simply rinse 2 pounds in front of the toile pipes every 2 months.

Products specifications

  • Typ:foam
  • Size:10 pounds
  • Effective components:Sodium salt and bicarbonate


  • Neither the soil nor the trees will damage
  • Easy to use
  • Also effective as preventive


  • Not as effective as chemical herbicides

Receive the Gobbler Green root killer for wastewater pipesAmazonasInThe house camp.

The best explosion for money


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Those who need a cheap solution for the clogged drainage mushrooms kill them without damaging the rest of the tree or to damage the surrounding bushes.It is also safe for use with sewage pits.

In addition to killing existing roots, ZEP will also help prevent the future growth of trees roots.Damage to drainage lines.

Products specifications

  • Typ: Crystals
  • Size:2 pounds
  • Effective components:Bicperpersulfat


  • Easy to use
  • Very effective
  • It can be used for preventive maintenance


  • Copper sulfate can damage the environment

Get the ZEP root killer for wastewater pipesAmazonasInThe house camp.

Best foam


Red Foam root killer



Roebic Foaming root killer uses a formula without copper to kill roots and return it.After applying, the stammer root murder will inhibit the future growth of the roots and prevent them from traveling back.

To apply it, the entire bathtub in the toilet turns and floods the growth of the root from the return several times.The air root root killer is more effective than other products and is also one of the most expensive root murderers on the market.

(Video) How to get rid of Tree Roots from the sewer drain line

Products specifications

  • Typ:foam
  • Size:1 scale
  • Effective components:Diclobenil


  • Kill the roots and avoid new growth
  • Insurance for all whistles
  • Easy to use


  • Caro

Receive the root murderer for wastewater pipesAmazonasInThe house camp.

Best difficult service


Root root intrusion solution kit



It may not be cheap, but with severe root problems there are only a few better options than rootx.If the dried root powder components come into contact with water, the path may create a foam.In the process of killing roots, rootx also pulls all fat or dirt that has accumulated in the roots and ensures that there is nothing behind it to hinder the drain.

In addition to killing the existing growth, Rootx leaves a residual coating in the pipes above the waterline, which prevents the new growth from defeating up to 12 months, which contributes to justifying the high price.

Products specifications

  • Typ:foam
  • Size:4 pounds
  • Effective components:Diclobenil


  • The applicator's meeting included
  • Prevents new root growth of up to 12 months
  • Break all fat and dirty works.


  • Caro

Get the Rootx Root Killer for wastewater pipesAmazonas.

Also consider


Holy industries root uncut

(Video) Does ROOTX really work? The TRUTH about ROOTX.



The root destroyer from Sanitor Industries uses a high concentration of copper sulfate crystals to tear off those roots that grow in a main tube of the holy root kills the roots of the tree without damaging the tree or tight bushes.

As soon as the roots absorb copper sulfate, a process that generally takes 3 to 4 weeks will die, sink and let water flow again new growth from the return.

Products specifications

  • Typ:Crystals
  • Size:2 pounds
  • Effective components:Bicperpersulfat


  • Effective to kill roots
  • Do not damage trees and shrubs
  • It can be used as a prevention


  • Uses copper sulfate as a herbicide
  • It can take up to 1 month to eliminate a disability

Get the root killer of the Santo Industries for wastewater pipesAmazonas.

Our judgment

We voteGreen hat root killer for sewage pipesAs our best general choice, since it is effective to kill existing roots and functions as excellent prevention for the future growth of roots while it is safe for the environment.Those who are looking for an affordable solution for their disabled drains should be taken into accountZEP root killer for wastewater pipeswhat is effective and easy to apply.

How to make a DIY root killer for wastewater pipes

In fact, you can make an effective root killer with safe and common ingredients that most people have at home to buy a root killer.Mix water boiling and then rinse through the toilet immediately.When they are mixed, the solution begins experiment and foam, so that the salt contacts the roots, dehydrates and kills it.

How we selected the best root killer for wastewater pipes

If we hit our selections for the best root killers, we look at a variety of criteria.Although effectiveness is certainly important and for most people there may be the decisive factor for most people, a good root killer should also be safe for the environment and should not be significant presentation risk for human health.In this sense, we include ecological foam products that have proven to be effective in order to kill roots by ingredients that have less environmental impact.Although it is not so safe, we include products that Sulfate use from copper sulfate sulfate.This may be necessary to treat certain root problems, but must be used in moderation and carefully.

Frequent questions

If you ask yourself how often the root killer apply to avoid returning in your drainage pipes, read on to get answers to these and other questions.

Question: What quickly kills the roots of the trees?

A natural chemical herbicide, which consists of ingredients such as salt and sodium bicarbonate, quickly kills the roots of what it goes dry, becomes fragile and is started.

Question: How often should I use root killers in my pipes?

If you use a salt -soda root killer and bake as preventive, apply it to your pipes every 2 months to prevent every 6 months.

(Video) Easy Root Killer for Septic System Tanks and Drain Field Roots Intrusion | Instant Fix by 24 ROOTER

Question: What is the most effective root killer for wastewater pipes?

Green hat root killer for sewage pipesIt uses a foam formula that sticks to the roots and quickly kills them.It is also easy to apply and is based on natural ingredients, which makes it the most effective and most ecological root killer for sewage pipes.


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