Netflix recap: All the crazy things Joe did in seasons 1 and 2 (2023)


Joe Goldberg is back in the third season of You. If he can't remember what happened to Love, Forty, Candace, Beck, Peach and the rest of them, here's a rundown of all the murder-filled madness. spoilers

Netflix recap: All the crazy things Joe did in seasons 1 and 2 (1)ByLuisa Mellor | |

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Netflix recap: All the crazy things Joe did in seasons 1 and 2 (2)

Warning: Contains major plot spoilers for You seasons 1 and 2.

Meet Joe Goldberg. He is a nice guy who wants to keep you safe. Because Joe loves you and will save you. He will save you from your terrible friends and your terrible ex-boyfriends and your terrible self and this whole terrible world. Granted, he'll do it with a hammer, a glass tank, and a shallow grave, but that's not all.the real him. He's just a romantic who does what he does out of love.

emsecond season, Jo (Gossip GirlPenn Badgley) met Love (played byThe Haunting of Hill HouseVictoria Pedrotti). True to his name, Love turned out to be the psychopathic serial killer that Joe is. Love just wants to keep Joe safe, you see, because he's family now that she's having her baby. That's right, in a poetic 'HA' twist, after two seasons of stalking and murder, Joe ended up trapped as someone's object.from someone elsetwisted obsession. It was a beautiful change.

Joe's childhood

let's rewindAt first. Who is Joe Goldberg? He started out as a bookish boy with a violent and abusive father who put out his cigarettes and a serial adulterous mother who regularly abandoned him to find the lovers of hers whom he thought would save her from her brutal husband. . At the age of nine, Joe shot his father to death to protect his mother, who told him the murder was not his fault because, deep down, he was a good boy. What happened next isn't entirely clear, but it seems that Joe's mother abandoned him, leading to him being raised in a group home where he struggled.POSSIBLE RETURN FROM THE POINT OF THE ROAD:Is Joe's mother alive? Could she come back?


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Netflix recap: All the crazy things Joe did in seasons 1 and 2 (3)

In the ridiculous and colorful world ofYou, the above is all the explanation you need for Joe's peculiar psychology. He is a traumatized man who does terrible things that he absolves himself of because, deep down, he believes that he is a good boy. He is also a serial obsessive and stalker of women, whom he idealizes because he fears being abandoned by them and is extremely paranoid of being cheated on, which, to be fair to Joe's instincts, often is.

Ivan Mooney

When Joe was a teenager, he got into trouble with the wrong man: a New York bookstore owner.Ivan Mooney. We still don't know what made Ivan Mooney the person he was, but it probably involved his mother and a rare first edition ofThe Count of Monte Cristo. (YouIt's not just a serial killer show, it's a literary snob serial killer show, so you can't go five minutes without finding the kind of quote from Raymond Chandler or Dostoyevsky that you'd find printed in typewriter handwriting on a craft beer coasters). Mooney locked teenage Joe in a climate-controlled glass cage he keeps for rare books in the basement of his store, then pressured him to become his apprentice and adopt his book-based moral code.

Years later, after Mooney suffers a debilitating stroke that leaves him paralyzed and unable to speak, Joe takes over Mooney's antique car and shop, though the exact circumstances of this are murky.POSSIBLE RETURN FROM THE POINT OF THE ROAD:Was Joe more responsible for Mooney's current state of health than he lets on? After all, Mooney had some pretty incriminating information on Joe, who stumbled upon him after committing what we think was his second murder (but could just as well have been his ninth or sixteenth, depending on how future flashbacks play out).

candace piedra

Now that he was older and working at Mooney's, Joe was dating an aspiring musician from New York.Candace, but beginning to suspect that she was cheating on him. Joe followed her, spied her in a compromising position with high-profile record label executive Elijah, and then confronted Elijah, who said that Candace had never mentioned a boyfriend, so Joe pushed him off the rooftop of Candace. the city. However, Mooney told Joe not to worry and that some people deserved to die, which is exactly what Joe needed to hear for his next move.

Netflix recap: All the crazy things Joe did in seasons 1 and 2 (4)

Joe's next move was to confront Candace and then, when she told him she never loved him, knock her unconscious, tie him up, pack a picnic basket, and take her to their favorite romantic spot in the woods for the night. Candace tried to run away from her, but was caught, and in the ensuing struggle, she hit her head and passed out. Thinking she was dead, Joe buried her and, in one of her many foolproof plans, he told everyone that she had moved to Italy on a whim. But Candace wasn't dead! He crawled out of that grave and went to the police, who were worse than useless. Candace spent four months in a sanitarium, then she patiently waited for her time so she could show up alive in the season one finale to scare Joe, andIn factdestroy it insecond season. (She won't. Candace ends up dead in the trunk of a car, but we're getting ahead of ourselves.)

See more information


You: subverting the nice guy trope


You Season 2 Review (No Spoilers)

After 'murdering' Candace, Joe fell into a depression, during which time Ivan Mooney suffered a stroke and Joe took over the store with his co-worker Ethan (who is in a relationship with Blythe, second best). character inYouafter Peach Salinger, with whom we will speak). Then one day, Joe got over his fear of him and became obsessed with a client named Guinevere Beck. Beck is a yoga instructor and poetry grad student whose friends have names like Peach, who we're talking to. Joe decides that Beck desperately needs his protection and love to become his best self, so he stalks her, breaking into her house, stealing her panties and journal, setting up 'accidental' meetings, and stealing her phone so he can spy on her. communications. It's the basic rom-com start to a relationship, with the creepy killer vibe cranked up to an 11.


(Video) YOU Season 2 Recap | Netflix Series Explained

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(Video) Netflix You Recap: Every Insane Thing Joe Did in Season 1 & 2


Running with a wealthy crowd despite being broke, Beck still sleeps with his ex, Benjy, a hipster with a trust fund in a craft soda company. Joe lures Benjy into a dark alley, hits him with a hammer, and locks him in the same murder tankthat Mooney locked him up as a teenager. Joe, an excellent hipster jerk impersonator, sends out a series of social media posts from Benjy's phone to make his friends think he's still out there somewhere living that #sodalife. Joe then deliberately adds peanut oil to Benjy's juice, triggering his allergy and killing him. Joe pulls out all of Benjy's teeth and puts them in a jar in the box where he also keeps Beck's stolen underwear and the video of a prank call Benjy made to his frat boys (which he kept for joke material). potential blackmail). He is not a prince, this guy). Joe burns Benjy's body in the woods, has a fight with a policeman and some walkers, but bails out at the last minute. (Despite his many crimes, Joe literally cannot be arrested. Almost every other episode he is pulled over with a dead body in the trunk of his car or a murder weapon in hand, and simply sent away with a smile.)

peach salinger

Netflix recap: All the crazy things Joe did in seasons 1 and 2 (5)

Benjy wasn't the only problematic element in Beck's life that Joe wanted to fix, there was also Peach Salinger (yes,thatSalinger. Literary snob serial killer show, mind you). Peach (Shay Mitchell, who isgreatin this role) was a rich girl who was revealed to be obsessed with Beck and had a cache of hidden photos he took of her sleeping and naked. Peach wasn't stupid, or maybe scary, she acknowledged, scary, because she had Joe attached to her from the start. They waged a war over Beck's turf, which began when Joe hit Peach over the head with a rock in Central Park, and ended when she realized Joe had killed Benjy, holding him at gunpoint in Beck's mansion. his family in Greenwich. After a struggle, Joe shot her dead and faked a suicide.POSSIBLE RETURN FROM THE POINT OF THE ROAD:As he crawls around Peach's house and watches her look at Beck, Joe is shocked and urinates into a jar he left on a shelf. Last we heard, an IP investigating Peach's death found the vial of urine and is running DNA.

Claudia, Paco and Ron

To prove that Joe isn't a wanton or wanton killer, but rather a guy with a (twisted, admittedly) moral code, a carbon copy of his childhood takes place next door in season one. There is the sweet studious boy Paco, the abused mother Claudia and the violent stepfather Ron. Ron is a probation officer who tells Joe to stay away from Paco because he can see that Joe is a monster like the bastards he deals with every day, and he has a point. But we hate Ron, obviously.

Joe knows exactly what is going on in Paco's life, because onceeraPaco, then he is kind to the child. He gives him books and sandwiches, and when Paco attacks Ron with a baseball bat and Ron tries to kill Paco in return, Joe stabs Ron in the throat and disposes of the body. Unlike Joe and his mother, Paco and Claudia get together and move to California for something of a happy ending.POSSIBLE RECURRING WAYPOINT: Ron's death is listed as missing, but it's possible someone is coming looking for him.

Beck, the Captain and Dr. Nicky

From Benjy to Joe to his strange married-with-kids therapist, Dr. Nicky, Beck has no luck with men. All this is due to the incomplete relationship with the father, he saysYou, which draws a straight line between childhood trauma and adult chaos. Beck's father (aka Captain) was a heroin addict who overdosed and later got clean and married a Christian blogger, but Beck prefers to tell everyone that he's dead. Beck begins dating Joe, who lies to her, and kills his ex and his best friend (see above). After Peach's "suicide", Beck's grief led her to therapy with Dr. Nicky. Characteristically, Joe suspects that Beck is cheating on him with Dr. Nicky, but was initially unable to find any evidence. Joe and Beck break up, during which time he begins dating Karen, a friend of her neighbor Claudia's.

All this time, Joe is having therapy sessions with Dr. Nicky, disguising himself as a gay man named Paul Brown. Joe eventually cheats on Karen with Beck and the original couple gets back together. So Joe takes Dr. Nicky and finds out that he was right! Beck and Dr Nickythey werehaving an adventure! Vindication!


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Netflix recap: All the crazy things Joe did in seasons 1 and 2 (6)

Meanwhile, Beck is investigating Joe's ex Candace, which leads her to discover her secret box of teeth, underwear, and phones stolen from murder victims. She confronts him, after which he knocks her out and locks her in her glass cage, telling her that she is the low-tech writers' haven she's always wanted. She writes a memoir in the cage, which recounts everything that happened, but frames Dr. Nicky for Joe's crimes. Beck offers this to Joe as an escape route, but it's all a ruse: she just wanted him to let her out, so she could lock him in the cage and call the police. Unfortunately for Beck, Joe has hidden a key in the cage, so she climbs out of it and, offscreen, kills her, then dumps her body and frames Dr. Beck. Nicky for his murder. Dr. Nicky goes to jail and Joe posthumously publishes Beck's memoirs under the title 'The Dark Side of Love'. it's a success. The only person who doesn't fall for this is the PI hired by Peach Salinger's family.POSSIBLE POINT OF RETURN PATH: Is there any chance Beck isn't dead, since we didn't witness the murder itself? Probably not, but it's worth keeping in mind. And will the Salinger family IP return?

Will Bettelheimnew beginning of

Season 2!Joe, not trying to disguise his appearance, moved to Los Angeles, the last place on earth, he thinks, anyone would look for someone as judgmental and disinterested in fame as him. There he meets a forger named Will Bettelheim, but unable to wait for his forged documents, he takes him prisoner in the glass tank he built in a warehouse and steals his identity. Unfortunately, the ID on him owes $50,000 to Russian gangsters, so that's one thing, but then Joe kills and dismembers the heavy, so it all goes away. Joe lets the real Will out of his cage, gets a fake passport, and they keep in touch as friends. He is great.POSSIBLE POINT OF RETURN PATH: Will the other gangsters come looking for your colleague and your money?

(Video) YOU Season 1 Recap | Netflix Series Explained

Dalila, Ellie and Hendy

Joe's neighbors in Los Angeles are cynical twenty-something gossip columnist Delilah and her cynical, precocious, movie-obsessed sister, aspiring filmmaker Ellie. When Delilah was a 17-year-old stripper, she was drugged and raped by the famous comedian and actor 'Hendy', with whom Ellie is trying to get an internship. Joe, who naturally wants to protect women from scary boys, investigates and discovers Hendy's child molestation lockup. Being a good guy, he gives Hendy a roof and takes him hostage, and after a struggle, Hendy falls down the stairs, hits her head, and dies. Joe presents this as a suicide, but the police soon realize it was murder. Ellie, who was drugged by Hendy but not assaulted thanks to Joe, is the prime suspect in the murder, so Joe gives her money to flee to the East Coast. She sends him classic movie postcards from time to time to ask him for more money.

Netflix recap: All the crazy things Joe did in seasons 1 and 2 (7)

While all this was going on, Joe and Delilah began sleeping together, until his policeman friend told him that he suspected Joe Hendy's murder. Delilah investigated and found Joe's glass murder tank, so she locked her in it to buy time. When she returned, she had her throat slit and Joe can't remember if it was him, so she makes aThe Hangoverto retrace your steps. Turns out it wasn't him, it was love all along. Love who? Read!

love and forty

Using the identity of Will Bettelheim, Joe takes a job at a Los Angeles grocery store run by wealthy twins Forty and Love (their parents are into tennis). He becomes obsessed with love and begins his old stalking tricks, initially trying to hold back, but finally giving in when she gags him and initiates sex. Love is a trained chef and a young widow whose deaf husband, James, died of cancer and whose friends have names like Sunrise.

Love's twin brother, Forty, is a recovering addict who is writing the film adaptation of Beck Guinevere's memoir, 'The Dark Face of Love.' The film's financier is his girlfriend Amy Adam, who has secretly been Candace since season one, there to get back at Joe. Forty wants Joe to take notes on his (weird) script, so he takes him to a hotel, douses him with acid, and tells him that he murdered his au pair as a teenager and that his rich parents bribed the police to call him. a suicide. Forty has an idea reading Beck's memoirs and realizes that Joe/Will killed her and framed Dr. Nicky, whom he goes to visit in jail. Dr. Nicky confirms that he didn't kill Beck, but says that he accepts the arrest because he's been a deserving jerk. It seems that prison has been good for Dr. Nicky.


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Netflix recap: All the crazy things Joe did in seasons 1 and 2 (8)

In fact, it was Love who murdered the au pair and tricked Forty into thinking it was him. She did this to protect him, as well as murdering 'Amy Adam' with a broken bottle when she found out that she was actually Candace and accusing Joe of all the murders she had committed. Love is a deranged assassin pregnant with Joe's child, who will do anything to protect her new family from him. When Forty tries to convince her that Joe is evil and holds him at gunpoint, Delilah's cop friend shoots him dead.

Stationit ends with Joe and a heavily pregnant Love moving into a suburban house with a white picket fence. It's a fitting punishment for him, Joe thinks. He until he sees a neighbor reading Jane Austen and Aldous Huxley in her garden and says hello. Will the new lady be the chosen one? Sip.


you season 3is available to stream on Netflix starting Friday the 15thºOctober.

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Netflix recap: All the crazy things Joe did in seasons 1 and 2 (9)

Written by

Luisa Mellor|@Louisa_Mellor

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(Video) YOU's Unstable Joe: A Chilling Character Analysis


What did Joe do in the show You? ›

Joe is a loner bookstore manager who becomes infatuated with a woman named Guinevere Beck and begins to stalk her to find out everything about her and hopefully make her fall in love with him. However, his obsession soon becomes out of control when he starts trying to control every aspect of her life.

What was in Joe's box in You Season 1? ›

Beck has just enough doubts about Joe to go looking, and she finds a box full of evidence that he's been stalking her all along: her stolen phone, diary, tampons; Benji and Peach's phones; a box full of teeth.

Who is Joe obsessed with season 1? ›

Season 1. Joe, now the bookstore's manager, tries to win over MFA student Guinevere Beck (Elizabeth Lail) by manipulating everything and everyone around her. He justifies his actions by stating that in order to pursue Beck, he wants to make sure that she is worth it and won't break his heart.

Who is Joe obsessed with season 2? ›

Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) and Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti) fall in love in season 2 of You, and their relationship spans two dark and intense seasons of the Netflix show. Joe meets Love when he moves to Los Angeles from New York City in the hopes of starting a new life.

What mental illness does Joe Goldberg have? ›

Joe has criteria that correspond to obsessive-compulsive personality disorder, which is that he is often anxious about himself and the people he loves, so he cannot control his emotions to commit sadistic actions to kill people who he considers to interfere with the relationship between Joe and Beck.

Who was Joe obsessed with? ›

Joe is a serial killer, stalker and former bookstore manager who, upon meeting Guinevere Beck at his workplace in New York, develops an extreme, toxic and delusional obsession with her.

What did Joe do to Candace in You season 1? ›

Thinking her dead, Joe buried her and in one of his many fool-proof plans, told everybody that she'd moved to Italy on a whim. But Candace wasn't dead! She crawled out of that grave and went to the police, who were worse than useless.

What was in Joe's box in you season 2? ›

"Beck Finds Box Of Teeth And Other Horrors" lets readers know that the book depicts Joe's creepy box of Beck's teeth, old phone, underwear, and other personal items.

Was there a tampon in Joe's box? ›

In the season 3, episode 1 opener of You, a popular Netflix show about a serial killer named Joe Goldberg, his wife finds his murder box. Inside it contains a pair of underwear, a coffee sleeve, and a used, bloody tampon, strategically placed in a Ziplock bag, the string wound neatly around it.

Is Joe Goldberg a serial killer? ›

Despite its unusual choice of protagonist – obsessive stalker and serial killer Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) – Netflix's You is entering its fourth season, with audiences around the world streaming the many crimes he commits in the name of “love”.

What was Joe's mom doing in You? ›

A flashback in the finale revealed that Joe's mom moved on and started looking after another child after abandoning her son. Effectively, she left Joe behind for good, much to the chagrin of our antihero. But the maternal influence in Joe's life might be back for future installments of the series.

Did Joe hurt Mr Mooney? ›

Not only was the angry old man still alive, but he was also severely physically disabled. Joe confessed to Beck, in what seemed like an emotional moment at the time, that Mr. Mooney had a debilitating stroke that left him paralyzed and mute.

Who did Joe killed in season 2? ›

Anyway, Joe winds up capturing Jasper, the details aren't important (you can read them here if you like), and, as happens when you're dealing with dangerous men who go around slap-chopping everything in sight, Joe winds up stabbing Jasper in the gut and killing him.

Where did Joe go in season 2? ›

Joe moves in with Love and he sets his sights on a new neighbor. After Forty's death, Joe and Love are seen moving to the suburbs. Joe decides he's going to raise their unborn daughter and give her all the things he never had during his childhood — a happy family, a loving home, and a father figure.

Who was Joe obsessed with in season 3? ›

But Joe has managed to hold onto a shred of his old self: He's become obsessed with his gorgeous, bookish next-door neighbor Natalie Engler (Michaela McManus).

Is Joe Goldberg a sociopath or psychopath? ›

Does Joe Have a Mental Health Condition? In You, Joe Goldberg exhibits "psychopathic traits and narcissistic traits," says Hatters Friedman. Cognitive behavioral therapist Dr. Avigail Lev, director of Bay Area CBT Center and founder of CBT Online, gets more specific, diagnosing Joe with covert malignant narcissism.

What personality disorder does Joe have? ›

Goldberg shows signs of antisocial personality disorder, narcissism, and codependency in season 1. In season 2, however, flashbacks to Goldberg's past suggest he could actually be none of those and have an attachment disorder. Visit Insider's homepage for more.

What is love Quinn diagnosed with? ›

That's further complicated by Love's trajectory throughout the season. Seen mostly through Joe's first-person perspective as a lovable, if not a bit naïve, young woman longing for love after experiencing her own trauma, she is revealed to be suffering from severe PTSD.

What did love do to Joe? ›

Once Love goes to slit Joe's throat, he injects her with his own aconite. Joe explains that he realized Love was growing aconite in the garden and hoarded the antidote, which is adrenaline. Joe doses himself with adrenaline during dinner and therefore quickly regains movement. Love dies from the aconite.

Was Mr Mooney a killer? ›

Mooney was a serial killer himself, who passed on his skills, knowledge, and code to Joe. There's also the simpler theory that Mooney is also just an old-fashioned sociopath that Joe saw the need to stop in his tracks.

How old is Joe supposed to be in You? ›

Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg

Penn is 34 years old and it's assumed that his serial killer character is also in that age bracket.

What did Joe do to Candace season 2? ›

Being the serial killer that he is, Joe kidnapped her and ended up slamming her head and knocking her out and burring her alive. While Joe thought Candace is dead, she makes her official debut in season two, alive and well, presented as Amy Adam and wanting to unmask Joe.

Who did Candace cheat on Joe with? ›

Apparently, Candace, Joe's ex-girlfriend is very much alive. Candace was Joe's ex-girlfriend and the pair broke up after she cheated on him with her agent, Elijah (Esteban Benito). Joe found out about the affair and pushed Elijah to his death, something which was not unveiled until the very end of You.

How did Delilah find out about Joe? ›

Delilah's cop friend-with-benefits, Fincher (Danny Vasquez), calls her to let her know that he recognized Joe from the night Hendy was murdered. Delilah tries to ignore her suspicions, but she's too good a journalist, and looks around in Joe's apartment until she finds the keys to his storage unit.

What did Joe have in the box You season 3? ›

You see, while she was unpacking her mixer in the basement, she found Joe's hidden shoebox of Natalie trophies, including the panties he stole from Natalie's bedroom… and that he gripped in his fist while he made love to his wife.

What did Joe do to peach on You? ›

Joe, who's a murderous manipulator himself, returned her disdain. In season 1, episode 6, Joe finally gets the best of Peach, seemingly shooting and killing his season 1 rival after the pair struggle over a gun. He also stages the scene to look like a suicide. In You season 3, Joe continues his murderous ways.

What did Joe have in the box? ›

When Beck found Joe's hidden box of her underwear, Benji's teeth, her old phone, and other pieces of evidence.

Can I throw tampons in toilet? ›

No. Tampons can cause plumbing blockages that can lead to sewage backflow, which can result in a health hazard and expensive repairs. Only flush human waste and toilet paper. Commonly, used tampons are wrapped in a facial tissue or toilet paper and put into the garbage.

What drug was in tampons? ›

Throughout the 19th and early 20th centuries, cocaine was regularly used as a local anesthetic in surgery. It was often administered in the form of what doctors referred to as a tampon – a medical device invented in the 18th century primarily as an antiseptic to clog up bullet wounds.

What did Beck find in the ceiling? ›

Or at least some of it. In the final moment's of YOU's penultimate episode, Beck discovered Joe's hiding place — the ceiling above his toilet. There, he'd hidden a box filled with items he'd taken from her — including her phone — and items he'd taken from Peach and Benji, his two victims.

What personality type is Joe Goldberg? ›

Joe Goldberg (INFJ)

Joe is an unhealthy INFJ, the rarest personality type. He has an idealized perception of who he is. He kills people because he thinks he's doing it to protect his loved ones and to make the world a better place. He has a combination of strong morals, idealisms and a focus on the future.

What is the analysis of Joe Goldberg? ›

Joe Goldberg is the protagonist and narrator of You, but he is far from a hero. As an obsessive stalker and killer, he is relentless in his pursuit of Guinevere Beck, determined to make her love him regardless of her desires. The audience's insight into Joe is very different from the Joe known to the other characters.

Who is Killer Joe based on? ›

Tracy Letts

What did Mr Mooney do to Joe in you? ›

Mooney took him in. He cared for him but also was abusive to him believing that he was guiding him. He would often lock Joe in his glass cage in the basement to teach him various lessons, telling him that he is doing it out of love and to make sure Joe does not end up like his father.

What happens to Joe's baby in you? ›

But what happens to Love and Joe's baby Henry in Season 3 of “You”? Before he jets off to Europe, Joe leaves his son in the care of his colleague at the library, Dante. Dante and his husband Lansing had been trying for a child, and Joe writes them a letter saying he hopes that together they will raise Henry.

Who has Joe's baby in you? ›

You season three is on Netflix and the initial release date announcement included another twist. During the video, the name of Joe (played by Penn Badgley) and Love Quinn's (Victoria Pedretti) baby boy was revealed. The couple decided to call their son Henry - but fans are convinced they were expecting a girl.

Was Joe abused by Mr Mooney? ›

Ivan Mooney is a major antagonist in the Netflix show You. He is the owner of a book store named after him called Mooney's. He was the abusive foster father of the show's protagonist Joe Goldberg.

Who was Mr Mooney to Joe? ›

Mark Blum played the role of Mr. Mooney, the bookstore owner, in You season 1. Mooney acted as Joe Goldberg's surrogate father figure who took him and taught him everything he knows. Viewers get to know Mooney through Joe's flashbacks in the first 10 episodes of the series.

What happens at the end of Joe? ›

Wade asks Joe if he is his friend, and when Joe doesn't answer, leaps to his death. Joe then collapses and looks at the gaping wound in his side. Gary arrives with the sheriff and embraces Joe as he dies. He then looks down and sees his father's body.

Who did Joe Goldberg push off the roof? ›

We eventually saw Joe push the record executive, played by Esteban Benito, off a roof. The season one protagonist—played by Elizabeth Lail—captured our hearts, but she unfortunately did not survive being captured by Joe and was strangled in the finale.

What happens to Ellie when Delilah dies? ›

Instead, Joe goes to find Ellie and tell her that Delilah is dead. He sends her away with money he's taken from the Quinn business safe to start a new life in Florida before she can be taken away (we know she gets there safely as Joe receives a postcard from her before the end of season two).

Who is Joe looking at at the end of season 2? ›

Joe closes his eyes and seemingly accepts his fate when Delilah's long-time hook-up LAPD officer David Fincher (Danny Vasquez) busts in and shoots Forty. After Forty dies, Fincher begins to look at Forty for Henderson's murder, a terrible and false legacy the troubled Quinn brother will now leave behind.

What was Joes last name in season 1? ›

Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley), a bookstore manager at Mooney's who stalks and dates Beck in the first season. In the second season, he goes by the name Will Bettelheim and works as a bookstore clerk at Anavrin, and stalks and dates Love. Joe, then gets married to Love, has a kid named Henry and moves to the suburbs.

Does Joe sleep with the librarian? ›

They pretty much did everything a couple would do, such as flirt, kiss, and even sleep together. But they never officially got together because Joe was in a relationship with Love, and Marienne refused to be a homewrecker.

Who was Joe looking for at the end of season 3? ›

Finally, we catch up with Joe, presumed dead by everyone he knew; he has moved to Paris and is searching for Marienne.

Who is Joe with in season 4 of You? ›

He develops an interest in Kate Galvin, the girlfriend of his obnoxious fellow professor Malcolm Harding, who lives in the flat across from him. Joe saves Kate from two muggers; to repay him, Malcolm invites him to a party at the elite Sundry House, where Joe befriends author and mayoral hopeful Rhys Montrose.

What did Joe Goldberg do? ›

He murdered Beck by brutally assaulting and strangling her to death when she learnt of his murders of Elijah Thornton, Benjamin Ashby (Benji) and Peach Salinger. That being said, Joe is shown to have boundaries and limits he tries not to cross, even if it would benefit him to do so.

What did Joe do to Delilah in You? ›

When Joe catches Delilah snooping around, he traps her, but is determined not to kill her. While she's trapped and Joe tries to figure a way out of the mess he's in, Love discovers Delilah in the cage and kills her so that she won't be a threat to her relationship with Joe.

What did Joe do to Candace in the show You? ›

Candace was in a relationship with Joe before the start of season one, cheated on him and attempted to leave him. Being the serial killer that he is, Joe kidnapped her and ended up slamming her head and knocking her out and burring her alive.

What did Joe do to Candice in You? ›

She was actually killed by Joe, before he could then meet Guinevere Beck, she also doesn't play an important role in the second book, Hidden Bodies, and wasn't Amy Adams, that was a completely different character Joe meets, taking that role over Candace, due to her death.

What did Joe do to Mr Mooney? ›

He assures Joe that some people deserve to die. According to what Joe tells Beck, Mooney has a stroke and is left lying on the floor for days unable to move because Joe Goldberg was away after what he says was a devastating break up with Candace. This leads to Mooney being left in vegetative state.

How old is Joe supposed to be in you? ›

Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg

Penn is 34 years old and it's assumed that his serial killer character is also in that age bracket.

What did Love do to Joe? ›

Once Love goes to slit Joe's throat, he injects her with his own aconite. Joe explains that he realized Love was growing aconite in the garden and hoarded the antidote, which is adrenaline. Joe doses himself with adrenaline during dinner and therefore quickly regains movement. Love dies from the aconite.

What does Candace do to Joe in season 2? ›

But first: Candace told Forty the truth about Joe, but Forty didn't believe her. So Candace takes matters into her own hands, sleuths out the location of the storage unit, and manages to lock Joe in there with Delilah's corpse.

What was in Joe's box in You season 2? ›

"Beck Finds Box Of Teeth And Other Horrors" lets readers know that the book depicts Joe's creepy box of Beck's teeth, old phone, underwear, and other personal items.

Is Candace a Joe hallucination? ›

Candace is just a hallucination. After he injured his head in a car wreck, Joe began hallucinating Candace, and a lot of fans seem to think that after murdering Beck he became so unhinged that the hallucinations returned.

Did Candice and Joe divorce? ›

Candice King Filed for Divorce From Joe King

She cited “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for their divorce, according to documents. Us Weekly was the first to report. The actress spoke publicly about her divorce while appearing on an episode of iHeartRadio's “Scrubbing In” podcast in January 2023.

What happens to Paco? ›

When Paco later goes to the bookstore and finds Beck attempting to escape the basement, begging Paco to find the key and insisting that Joe is crazy and dangerous, Paco runs away leaving Beck to be murdered by Joe. Paco and his mother Claudia moved away from New York to start fresh.


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