Follow-up Election Day Episode was about consequences (2023)

Spoiler Alert: This article discusses details ofSuccessionseason 4 episode 8.

Who is responsible for Jeryd Mencken claiming victory at the end of 'America Decides', the penultimate episode ofSuccessionfourth and final season? Maybe it's the Menckenists or, you know,whoever it waswho burned down a Milwaukee vote counting center with 100,000 absentee ballots that would almost certainly have favored Jimenez. Perhaps this is because Roman gets too close to Mencken, or because Shiv goes behind his brothers' backsGoJo, or because Kendall craves power more than she wants to be a good parent - or because all three of them aremourn your fatherwhiletry to provethey can live up to their gargantuan legacy. Perhaps America can thank Tom for his cowardice or Greg for simply following orders. Hell, maybe Mencken is about to take over the White House because Ken's preference for fried chicken kept Roman from eating steak as a kid.

No matter how you split the blame, the Roys deserve a lot of credit for putting Mencken where he is at the end of Election Day. (Unlike ATN, I'm not going to assume he's won until we know how the Wisconsin situation is resolved...Successionit was never a happy show.) Family guilt barely starts with Tom and Greg at 5 p.m. Check in. This goes back at least to Mencken's anointing by Logan as his GOP primary pick midway through the third season. But really, I think we should see the probable rise of a neo-fascist to president as the culmination of the work that began decades ago with the creation of the Roy media empire. "America Decides" explores the wider potential ramifications of the bitter corporate-family power struggles that made the show so entertaining. And it's a case study of how the world changes slowly and then suddenly.

The night starts normally. It's busy, sure. "I have PGN on my left and FVA on my right," Tom complains to Greg. "I have to deliver the best election numbers ever because my bosses want to rip my heart out as a peace offering for everyone who comes." He is also sleepless and restless becausehe and shiv had a "tailgate party"last night in their penthouse, where they were involved in the worst fight of their marriage. Ken calls in with the public exhortation, “There must be gangbusters tonight… The market is watching. First Super Bowl, how are we going to do without the king?" Still, Tom's expectation seems to be that, annoyances aside, Roy's children will follow their father's tradition - and a fundamental tenet of journalistic integrity - and steer clear of ATN while the votes are counted.

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Sarah Snook emSuccessionSeason 4 Episode 8 "America Rules"

Macall Polay—HBO

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To that end, Darwin, the head of ATN's decision desk, offers a measured pre-game analysis tailored to the network's Mencken audience. "Our first reading would be: closer to what research suggests." He also warns that privileged information leaked while voting is still in progress could cause problems. Tom supports him: "You heard the man - close him." But Darwin is unaware that Tom is furious at the news that Greg has earned Matsson's trust and seems to know more about his wife's channel with the Swede than he does. (Aclassic wambs gooseline: “Information, Greg, is like a bottle of fine wine. You save it, save it, save it for a special occasion and then smash someone's face with it.") Soon he and Greg will be getting ready for the long night of cocaine sniffing behind a whiteboard.

The Roys also seem ready early on to let the ATN team "do what they want". A turning point is the news of voter suppression. In Florida, vehicles that Shiv calls "Nazi vans," but which Roman dismisses as "fun buses," claim to transport voters to the polls, but instead allegedly left at least one child on the side of the road. Then there's the Milwaukee Fire. Nate asks Shiv to get ATN to cover what is almost certainly the act of extremist Mencken supporters seeking to destroy votes in a staunch Democratic district of a crucial swing state. "Who's Watching the Watchmen?" encourages Nate. Shiv: “Who watches the guards? I want it. Thus begins our weekly tragic hero arc. She's the Roy who gets into ATN's coverage first - setting off a chain reaction the results of which will have her horrified. There is a painful irony in the fact that she puts her privileged finger in the balance to save democracy. On the other hand, his intentions were never entirely noble. As Shiv tells Matsson, a Jimenez win would be "good for democracy, great for us".

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In America as a whole, Election Day is a battle between a rank-and-file Democrat and a right-wing populist the likes of which the country has never seen before. (It's funny: I didn't expect itSuccessionIt's to depict 2016 more than 2020. But it makes sense when you consider that the show debuted in 2018 and creator Jesse Armstrong clearly went into it with a vision of what it would parallel contemporary politics.) But within the offices of Waystar Royco, is a battle between established liberal Shiv and nihilistic edgelord Roman. "Nothing matters, Ken," he tells his brother later in the episode. "Daddy's dead, and the country's just one big pussy waiting to get fucked."Sensitive as can beRoman has repeatedly demonstrated to those closest to him that he has no empathy for ordinary Americans. Violence has been done to him and he wants to inflict it on people he considers inferior - now that he grieves more than ever for Logan.

So, naturally, Roman is drawn to Mencken, a powerful surrogate father figure who can give him the tough love he craves. He pays Jeryd a friendly visit. Then he agrees to divert the ATN's Wisconsin story from Menckenist shenanigans and preemptively call the state to Jeryd. To that end, Roman gives a fiery ATN personality some incoherent talking points that basically boil down to Ken's "all your guns will be female" joke from last week. He strikes a deal with Schrödinger chairman Connor - who has had enough of filming for no one and now fantasizes about life in Europe as a less-influenced ambassador - to bow to Mencken, whatever that means. (Con's very awkward concession speech is a highlight of Alan Ruck's performance: "It turns out I'm a billionaire. Sorry. But honestly, America, you've failed. I guess you're going to have to find another poor idiot to suck up to. "...")

When ATN has to decide whether to call Wisconsin for Mencken, as its competitors on the right have already done, or wait for the state to determine what to do with the burned ballots, which would be the responsible course of action, the Roys have spent hours in and out of the ground. The idea that Tom and Greg have the authority to keep "bronze" off the "battlefield" has always been laughable. Only Logan could have done that. And it's not far from the ATN floor to the room where Roman announces that he, Tom and Darwin are going to make the big decision "together". Darwin, who appears to be on the verge of having a panic attack, negotiates to put the situation in Wisconsin into context on air, alongside a graph clarifying that the conversation is "pending," when wasabi gets into his eye and Greg — iconic — try washing it down with lemon-flavored LaCroix. (Another unwitting accomplice of Mencken: bodega sushi.)

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Adam Godley, left, and Kieran Culkin atSuccessionSeason 4 Episode 8 "America Rules"

Macall Polay—HBO

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In the end, the casting vote belongs to Ken. From an ideological perspective, he agrees with Shiv when she reminds him that "Mencken is the nightmare... He says mean things. He believes the bad shit. Unfortunately for her, Mencken is also much more morally flexible than her friends in the Jimenez campaign. Jeryd agrees to no-holds-barred terms to put the regulatory kibosh in the GoJo deal in exchange for ATN calling the election for him. Desperately, she pretends - perhaps because she knows this kind of shady deal isn't will work with the Jimenez people but certainly because she secretly wants the GoJo deal to happen - Nate calls to see if the Democrats are willing to trade a win also for him some extremely specific reform measures for the technology industry.

Already at this point, Ken is torn between a conscience that tells him that Jimenez will create a better future for his children and the monstrous ambition that has plagued his soul for as long as he lives. Now he tasted power, and the taste ofreal success at work with your Living+ presentation, and he has trouble withdrawing. “Sometimes I feel like I can do this. Like I should," he tells Shiv. "Mine. Just me." He also says, "I don't think I'm a very good father." It even occurs to her that agreeing with Mencken would mean selling her children for her career, just as her father did. “Maybe the poison is running out,” he muses.

Who knows what he's going to decide when he calls the Jimenez team, catches Shiv in her lie and finds out they've been behind and on Roman's back with Matsson the whole time? Her betrayal gives him an excuse to make a selfish choice, even if it means putting a right-wing troll in the White House. It is the second time in one night that Shiv, convinced that charities justify underhanded means, sows the seeds of her own demise. (Lest we forget, she finally told Tom she's pregnant, too.) Watching Mencken talk, Ken concludes, "He's a man we can do business with." You can tell he tries to convince himself more than anyone else.

It's his brothers who articulate the consequences of what they just did, plus the Roys, ATN, Waystar and GoJo. "We just had a good TV evening," explains Roman. "Nothing happens." (I can't be the only one who heard an echo in this rationalization from CNN defending WednesdayPredictably catastrophic Trump City Hall.) Shiv, who has been a principled proponent of democracy but also a selfish, undemocratic traitor to her family, remains shocked. "StuffTo dohappen,” she emphasises.

If "America Decides" really is an alternate universe reenactment of Election Day 2016, then we know she's right. Ken's ambition and Shiv's duplicity and Roman's anger and Tom's cocaine and Greg's lie and the steak and the chicken and Roy's father issues and the empire Logan has built all his life as those around him struggled to understand what he wanted and why he wanted it. wanted - it all boils down to a demagogue on a podium pretending to America that one of its elite families didn't just decide to put it there for its own selfish reasons. "Don't we sometimes even long for something clean in this polluted country?" asks Mencken, in a speech Steve Bannon would be proud of. "That's what I hope to bring, not something nasty with compromise." There will surely be many more lies where this comes from.

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What happens in Succession Season 4? ›

Succession season 4 plot

"The sale of media conglomerate Waystar Royco to tech visionary Lukas Matsson moves ever closer. The prospect of this seismic sale provokes existential angst and familial division among the Roys as they anticipate what their lives will look like once the deal is completed.

How many episodes are in season 4 of succession? ›

Season 4 of Succession is 10 episodes in total, and nine of those ten have now aired. That means there's only one episode—and one week of Roy family backstabbing madness—remaining until the end of the show.

Who betrayed the siblings Succession? ›

Season 3 concluded with the suggestion that Tom had betrayed his wife, Shiv, and her siblings to Logan Roy (Brian Cox), but Shiv did not directly confront Tom in the season premiere.

What was the big surprise on Succession? ›

The shocking loss of Logan occurred during Connor and Willa's wedding festivities. The death of Logan was a major surprise to fans, especially so early in the show's fourth and final season. It was also a surprise to the cast of the series.

Will there be a season 5 of Succession? ›

When the [script for the] last episode came out, and we all read it, there were members of the cast who read it and went, oh well, we're getting a fifth season.

Is Succession season 4 final? ›

Back when Succession showrunner Jesse Armstrong revealed its fourth season would be the show's last, the news took quite a few people by surprise, including many of the show's actors apparently.

Is episode 9 the last episode of season 3 of Succession? ›

"All the Bells Say" is the ninth and final episode of the third season of the HBO satirical comedy-drama television series Succession, and the 29th overall.

Who did Logan cheat on Marcia with in Succession? ›

Marcia is Logan's third wife, and she's been in the show since the very beginning. However, Logan's infidelity caused a rift between them that never fully repaired. In Season 2, as Logan attempted to buy PGM, he entered into an affair with Pierce's CEO Rhea Jarrell.

Does Shiv actually love Tom? ›

Back then, they did love each other, but it became clear that the game would always be above their relationship status. For Shiv and Tom, love was never a real option. For a brief moment, it was real, but they were never all in on it at the same time.

Who is the smartest child in Succession? ›

Siobhan Roy (Sarah Snook)

You bet. Logan's youngest, smartest child and only daughter is shrewd, shark-eyed and fatally underestimated.

What was the smell in Succession? ›

The other children arrive, and the source of the stench is discovered to be a bag of dead raccoons stuffed in the chimney. Logan has the prepared meal discarded and orders pizza, and asks his children for their opinion on whether he should sell the company.

What is the funniest Succession episode? ›

Succession: The 10 Funniest Moments from the Series
  1. 1 Wasabi Incident. Max.
  2. 2 Kendall's Rap. HBO. ...
  3. 3 Greg and Logan's Verbal Spar. Max. ...
  4. 4 Shiv and Roman Slap Fight. HBO Entertainment. ...
  5. 5 Shiv Crushes the Dance Floor. Max. ...
  6. 6 Tom Eats Logan's Chicken. Max. ...
  7. 7 Logan Compares Roman to a Hyena. Max. ...
  8. 8 The Cold Butter. Max. ...
5 days ago

What do the donuts mean in Succession? ›

So when Conner casually says, “Dad sent doughnuts,” it's not a nice gesture. It's Logan's counter-declaration of war. He knows where his children are, what they're doing, and he wants them to know he knows.

Will there be a Succession spin off? ›

HBO has 'no intention' of making Succession spin-off show.

Is Succession over for good? ›

The Succession series finale is slated for Sunday, May 28, 2023 at 9 p.m. ET/PT. The series can be streamed on HBO Max or watched on HBO through a cable provider. Each episode premieres at the same time each week and can be streamed anytime on HBO Max or HBO On Demand following its 9 p.m. original debut.

Is Succession completely over? ›

Unfortunately for the fans, Succession's fourth season is also its final season. While speculation long swirled that the series would end in either a fourth or fifth season, earlier this year, creator Jesse Armstrong confirmed in an interview with the New Yorker that the show would conclude with the season four finale.

How many seasons of Succession are planned? ›

Succession Season 4 will be the final installment of the series, it was announced on Feb. 23, 2023.

When did Succession Season 4 start filming? ›

The fourth season began filming in June 2022 as the show finally went back into production. The third season began filming in December 2020 and then took 10 months before premiering in October 2021 - and that was for a shorter season of eight episodes.

What time is the final episode of Succession? ›

Episode 10 of Succession season 4, or the Succession series finale, is will air and stream simultaneously at 9:00 p.m. ET on Max (formerly known as HBO and HBO Max).

Who told Logan the kids were coming? ›

The season ended, however, with a final twist as Tom arrived and received a clear happy greeting from Logan. It was at that moment that Shiv realised that Tom had betrayed her and informed Logan of what the siblings were planning, enabling her father to outmanoeuvre them.

What happened in season 3 Ep 9 Succession? ›

'Succession' recap, Season 3 finale, Episode 9: 'All The Bells Say' Logan Roy considers an offer he never would have expected to deliberate over. His children ponder their options in return. And we find out exactly how things worked out for Kendall in the pool.

Did Tom tip off Logan? ›

In a painful scene, Shiv realizes that her mistake wasn't going to see Logan but telling Tom about it, and that's how Tom betrays Shiv. Tom's motivation in tipping Logan in the Succession season 3 ending lies in being mistreated by Shiv since the beginning of their marriage.

Is Shiv pregnant in season 4? ›

Shiv is pregnant. As she lies in bed in season four's fourth episode, she gets a call from her doctor, Dr. Sharon Hasford, who says, "I wanted to discuss your results and I didn't know, but I thought you would want the chance to be aware, if you're up to it." Shiv confirms it's OK to reveal.

Does Shiv get pregnant on Succession? ›

In the episode immediately following Logan's death, the audience finds out that the youngest and only female sibling, Siobhan “Shiv” Roy (Sarah Snook), is pregnant.

Who will succeed Logan Roy? ›

Kendall Roy

The logical and full-circle answer to who will succeed Logan Roy in the final season of Succession is, of course, Kendall.

What is Logan sick with in Succession? ›

After all, Logan, played by Brian Cox, had a stroke in the 2018 series premiere of HBO's Emmy-winning drama, and his ill-health has been an ongoing concern. But Logan dying in Episode 3?! A total shock to “Succession” nation.

Are Roman and Shiv twins? ›

Are Roman & Shiv Roy Twins? Roman Roy and Shiv Roy are definitely siblings in Succession, but the show has hinted that the two characters are actually twins.

Who is Connor Roy's mother? ›

The Roy Family assembles in England for Shiv and Tom's wedding. The children reunite with their mother, Caroline Collingwood.

Does Tom know that Shiv is pregnant? ›

After a fierce argument in the prior episode, Shiv pulls Tom (Matthew Macfadyen) aside to apologise for her comments – only to meet further hostility from her husband. After Tom says Shiv “sort of” killed her father Logan (Brian Cox), she reveals to him that she's pregnant with his child.

Did Tom betray Shiv on succession finale? ›

What Happened To Tom And Shiv In Succession Season 3. Tom betrays Shiv by giving crucial intel to Logan during the Succession season 3 finale. Shiv fights hard for the CEO position and sticks with Logan, even when Kendall, confident he's got what it takes to bring Logan down, invites her to join his side.

Did Logan sleep with Rhea on succession? ›

Well, after she figured out that Logan was having an affair with Rhea Jarrell (Holly Hunter), she freaked out — and rightfully so. Logan hadn't just betrayed his marriage vows, but was angling to give this outsider the keys to Waystar RoyCo.

Who is Logan Roy's third child? ›

His leadership of the company estranged him from Ewan, who despises his politics. Logan has a son, Connor, with his first wife (who was committed to a psychiatric institution), and three children (Kendall, Roman, and Siobhan) with his second wife, Caroline.

Who was Logan Roy's first wife? ›

Logan's Wives: Wife #1, Caroline, Marcia

From offhand remarks in Season 4, we also know Logan had her placed in a mental institution when Connor was young. Caroline Collingwood, Logan's 2nd wife, is the mother of Kendall, Roman, and Siobhan.

Who is the main villain in Succession? ›

Logan Roy is the main antagonist of the HBO drama series Succession, serving as the main antagonist of the first three seasons and the overarching antagonist of the fourth and final season. He is the founder of Waystar-Royco and patriarch of the Roy family.

What were Logan Roy's last words? ›

Roy, an alleged loving father, is survived by his four children, multiple estranged spouses, and one flight crew member whose arms are very tired from doing chest compressions for at least 45 consecutive minutes. Roy's final words - "Clean out the stalls.

How old was Logan Roy when he died? ›

Logan Roy, conservative media mogul who shaped contemporary politics, dies at 84.


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