Domestika Review 2023: The Best Online Courses for Creatives? (2023)

Today you can find severalTrusted online learning platformswhich can help you learn soft and hard skills. Now, although some platforms are more focusedtraditional learning, offer to othersfew hours coursesThey teach certain skills.

While everyone in the industry knows players as big asCoursera,edXoboldness, hayless popularOnline learning platforms such asDomestic. The only question is -Can the little gamers keep up with these giants?We will find out in this Domestika review.

I will start by introducing you to the company behind Domestika, giving you the available courses, an overview of the app, focusing on the quality of the content and confirming everything based on customer experiences as well as real Domestika reviews.

Let's start.

general description:

Domesticwas founded in 2017 as a learning platform aimed at providing students with specific knowledge and instilling valuable skills. Although the most recommended Domestika courses focus on creative skills, you can also find courses related to IT. Domestika is very easy to use and navigate, offers quality content and affordable prices. However, most of the Domestika courses are in Spanish with automatically generated subtitles, something to keep in mind.


  • quality content
  • certificates available
  • Learn from the professionals


  • Most of the courses are in Spanish.
  • Not the most helpful customer support.

table of Contents

  • 1. National Review: Introduction
  • 2. Ease of use
  • 3. Features
  • 4. Quality of content
  • 5. Preis
  • 6. Learning experience
  • 7. Conclusion

National Review: Introduction

Before going directly tonational reviewlet me introduce you brieflyDie Look for.

DomesticEsone of the newestOnline learning platforms, that wasalready created in 2017. It aims to connectSpanish-speaking creativeswho want to acquire new knowledge and learn valuable skills.

Domestic is located atCalifornia, USA.about 500 peopleCurrently working for this company and there ismore than 1.5 million registered memberswho regularly take new courses.

Domestika Review 2023: The Best Online Courses for Creatives? (1)

It all started as a small showcasecreative professionalswho wanted to find connections and learn from each other. However, the company later began creating online courses for people who wantedlearn from the expertsin the field and acquire new skills.

Well, as you probably already understand, Domestika is one of those online learning platforms that offer courses.various different abilitiesHowever, most of the courses focus on creative skills such as crafts, design, photography, etc.

Hayhundreds ofDomestic Coursesaccessible. Categories include:

  • Illustration
  • Photography and video
  • Marketing and Business
  • Design
  • craftsmanship
  • 3D animation
  • Architecture & Spaces
  • calligraphy and typography
  • Technology

Therefore, it does not matter if your interest is design, marketing or information technology,Find the necessary coursesthat expand their knowledge and skills.

Now let's move on to more specific features of this Domestika review.

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ease of use

Hayvarious aspectswhich should be included in Domestika reviews to rate how good the platform really is.ease of useIt is one of the most important. Because if you're looking for a top-notch online learning platform, you expect that easy to useYto browse.

To assess usage, we can start from the Domesitka home page. I can see right away that the home page is verysimply. Although it is very colorful, you will not get lost.

This is possible on the Domestika home pageSearch courses,Protocol InoRecord. Below you can see the recommended courses as well as the majorityimportantdomestic features(This aspect will be covered in more detail in the next section of this Domestika review.).

Domestika Review 2023: The Best Online Courses for Creatives? (4)

When choosing courses, you can choose between aVariety of different categories.of theDropdown menu,including new courses, premium courses, course bundles and many others.

The interface of the courses is also very clear. On the right you can see the price and the main characteristics of a course. These characteristics include the number and percentage ofpositive reviews, The number ofStudents,Instruction, besidesresources, availability fromapplication,Languages, Courseeben, etc.

Also, if you scroll down a bit, you will find all the information you need to decide if certain Domestika courses suit your needs or not. Also visit the course and projects overview for more details.

Therefore, when evaluating the usability in this Domestika review, it becomes quite clear that the platform is very easy to use and navigate. Even if Domestika is the first online learning platform you try, I can assure youyou will not miss.


While the most important aspects to consider when choosing an online learning platform are content quality and ease of use, you should also consider thosePlatform Features. at least shecan make the whole learning process much more enjoyable.

  • Learn at your own pace
  • Learn from the professionals
  • certificates
  • creative community
  • home application

First of all you canlearn at your own pace. After purchasing a course, there is no need to rush. Domestika provides youunlimited access to the course, which means you can watch it over and over again after you buy it,forever.

Secondly, since Domestika was originally created as a platform for professionals to share their knowledge, you will be able toLearn from the best expertsin their territory. Their valuable shared methods and techniques will help you boost your career.

Also, I know that while some of you may learn new skills just for the fun of it, most people expect it to be.acquire knowledgethat would help get a promotion. If this is the case, you can register your participation in the course by sending acertificateto your employer.

Domestika Review 2023: The Best Online Courses for Creatives? (5)

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In addition, National togreat creative communitypart of itmore than 1 million members. Apart from that, you can share your knowledge, find Domestika reviews, ask for advice and just interact with like-minded people.

If you want to enroll in Domestika courses anywhere and at any time, you should knowhome application. It is available in bothGoogle Playand theapp store. Once downloaded, you can access your courses on the go and spend your free time gaining valuable knowledge.

While it's nice to be able to access courses on the go, most students still prefer to listen to and take courses online. Also, there is onelittle problem-Prices are not fully visible when purchasing in-app courses.

content quality

If you ask me which aspect is most important when choosing an online learning platform, I will always tell you that it iscontent quality

Now, to assess how good the quality of Domestika's teaching is,enrolled in some courses, Inboth in English and Spanish. I have to say, I was quite surprised by how well the content was put together.

It seems that although Domestika does not offer as many courses as some of the industry giants, such asUdemy, the platform focuses on the presentation of theHighest quality content for your students.

Since I only enrolled in a few courses, I also did one.comprehensive analysisof Domestica reviews that focused on the quality of the content.

I first looked at the negative reviews. While II couldn't find any negative reviewswith respect tocontent quality, there were some dissatisfied students when it came to thisCustomer service. In some cases it can take hours to get an answer, in others you may not get any help at all...

Some more negative comments includedProblems accessing the site, some students claim that the site is often unavailable andmay not be accessible if needed. Also, some people were having trouble opening videos. However, since there have been few Domestika reviews that pointed out such issues, you shouldn't worry too much about it.

Domestika Review 2023: The Best Online Courses for Creatives? (6)

Now let's get to the good part. Most Domestika reviews arepositive, whether in the Domestika app or in the courses, most of the students are quite satisfied.

Hemore positive commentsaddressed to thecontent quality, so as I told you, Domestika puts a lot of effort into giving you the best learning experience.

Furthermore, a significant number of partners highlighted the fact that they love Domestika instructors. All of them are absolute experts in their field and offerinvaluable knowledge.It goes without saying that the knowledge of the instructors is the most important factor in the quality of the content.


I know you've been waiting for this part. Let's talk about the Domestika price. Most of the Domestika coursescosts between 10 and 40 dollars. There are over 100 courses that are only $10 each.

In addition, you will find that Domestika offers offersregular discountsboth for individual and special courses.package deals-30%-40% discount. This means that the price of individual courses is less than $10 in some cases. Needless to say, the packages are not only greatfor committed studentswho want to save something, but also for those who want to create their own learning path and have a clear vision.

Domestika Review 2023: The Best Online Courses for Creatives? (7)

It is important to mention in this Domestika review that you canCreate your Domestika account totally free. Also, after purchasing a course, you get unlimited access to it:There is no time limit or expiration date, so you can watch it multiple times.

When it comes to prices and the possibility of lowering them even further, you should keep this in mind.National PRO. It is an annual subscription.currently costs $29.90(regular price - $59) and offers students withAdditional benefits, as:

  • 20% additional discount on all courses. Although Domestika regularly offers attractive offers, PRO members receive an additional 20% discount on all courses.
  • free open courses. Domestika offers a few open courses that you can access completely free of charge every month. If you want to get a certificate, have access forever, and join the private community, you can do it for just $9.90.
  • personal attention. For example, if you have problems using Domestika and you can't decide which course is right for you, you will receive personalized attention from the Domestika team, who will answer all your questions and help you in your decision.
  • certificates. This is a great advantage. PRO members can download the certificates of any course taken at Domestika. The good thing is that it applies to the courses you purchased before becoming a PRO member.
  • unlimited messages. If you want to make creative contacts, share your personal knowledge, etc., you can do it without restrictions.
  • News and updates. Be the first to find out about upcoming courses.

So if you are a dedicated student and you find Domestika suitable for your needs, we recommend youChoose the PRO plan. Of course, you save much more than the cost of the annual subscription.

learning experience

Helearning experienceIt's one of those aspects that's a little hard to qualify. After all, we all have different preferences when it comes down to it.Learning methods, course duration, teachers, etc..

Evaluate the learning experience asimpartialas possible, I checkedNational QualificationsOne more time. As you know, the students are very happy with that.content qualityas well asspeaker expertise.

However, there are some important aspects that can ruin the entire learning experience for you. One of them isCustomer service. If you are not a PRO member, it may take a while before you receive a response. Some say you may not get any help.

Domestika Review 2023: The Best Online Courses for Creatives? (8)

Another aspect that distinguishes some students is the fact thatMost of Domestika's courses are in Spanishconautomatically generated subtitlesin three languages:English, Portuguese and German. However, since most Domestika courses focus on visual aspects, this shouldn't bother you.

In general, students, especially those who choose courses onDesignYIllustration, had a great learning experience. It is fair to say that there are always negative reviews when it comes to such services. But as said, everyone has different needs and expectations, so there will always be mixed opinions.

Domestika Review 2023: The Best Online Courses for Creatives? (9)


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  • Easy to use with a learn-by-doing approach
  • Offer quality content.
  • Gamified programming experience in the browser

main properties

  • Free Certificates of Completion
  • Focused on data science skills
  • Flexible study hours


Domestika Review 2023: The Best Online Courses for Creatives? (10)


  • Simple design (no unnecessary information)
  • Quality courses (even free ones)
  • multitude of functions

main properties

  • nanodegree program
  • suitable for business
  • Paid Certificates of Completion

SAVE 75%

Domestika Review 2023: The Best Online Courses for Creatives? (11)


  • Great selection of courses.
  • easy to navigate
  • No technical problems

main properties

  • Great selection of courses.
  • 30 day refund policy
  • Free Certificates of Completion

AS LOW AS $14.99


So even thoughDomesticEsstill relative nuevoOnline learning platform, based on this Domestika review, it is quite clear that this learning platform can easily compete with theindustry giants, asedX,CourseraYboldness.

domestic isvery easy to useYto browse, really offersquality content, great features and attractive prices, especially when choosing thePRO national plan.

Domestika Review 2023: The Best Online Courses for Creatives? (12)

(Video) BEST Design and Animation Courses for Everyone | Domestika

Of course, like any other online learning platform, Domestikahas some flaws. Students report that customer service is from Domestikanot the most usefuland since most of the courses are in Spanish and are generated automaticallySubtitles in English, German and Portuguese, some people are not happy with it.

In short, I recommend Domestika, especially if you are a creative person looking for it.Courses in illustration, design, crafts, animation and other related fields.


Are Domestika classes worth it? ›

Yes, Domestika is one of the most diverse and well-organized e-learning platforms out there. From the quality of teaching to the range of classes, there really is something for everyone.

Which one is better udemy or Domestika? ›

Udemy vs Domestika: Platform

Both platforms work via video lessons, but Domestika's setup is more successful in encouraging student participation. On the other hand, Udemy has certain limitations when it comes to using the message board, which ultimately results in a more independent learning experience.

How much do artists make on Domestika? ›

How much will you earn? If the user you referred makes a first-time purchase during that 30-day period, you'll get a 40% commission over the total sale. If it's a recurring purchase, you'll get a 20% commission. If they sign up for Domestika but don't make a purchase, you'll get US$ 2.00 for each user you've referred.

Is skillshare better than Domestika? ›

Compared to Domestika, Skillshare has a much wider variety of classes to choose from, you can learn anything from coding to cooking and meditation there. The quality of classes is generally good. I did come across a few ones that were not so great, but you can always read reviews from former students to avoid that.

What are the ratings for Domestika? ›

In the App Store, Domestika received more than 1,800 ratings and an average rating of 4.9 (out of a total of 5.0). In the Play Store, the platform's app has more than 10,000 reviews and a score of 4.6 (out of a total of 5.0). We can also analyze reviews in other countries.

What country is Domestika from? ›

Where is Domestika based? Domestika was formerly based in Spain but has since moved to San Francisco, California.

Which is the most trending course? ›

11 Trending Business and IT Certifications
  • Cloud Computing.
  • Project Management.
  • Business Intelligence.
  • Networking.
  • Software Development.
  • DevOps.
  • Cyber Security.
  • Digital Marketing.
6 days ago

What is the most bought online course? ›

The most in-demand online courses right now are in the following course categories:
  • Blockchain and Crypto.
  • Trading.
  • Video Production.
  • Graphic Design.
  • Photography.
  • Arts & Crafts.
  • Health and Fitness.
  • Personal Development.
Dec 20, 2022

Who owns Domestika? ›

Julio G. Cotorruelo - Co-founder & CEO - Domestika Inc | LinkedIn.

Do you keep Domestika courses forever? ›

Once you have the course, it's yours forever. Even if you cancel your subscription, you'll still have access to all the lessons, to the practice exercises, and to the course's private community.

Are Domestika courses always discounted? ›

There are always some sales on Domestika, but that doesn't mean that every course on the platform is always on sale. A course might be on sale one week and back to full price the next! Another possibility is that the sale amount will change. It might be 80% off one week and just 40% off after that.

What platform pays artists the most? ›

TIDAL ranks higher than both Spotify and Apple Music in terms of royalty rate and the direct artist payouts available on the platform.

Who pays the most to artists? ›

What is this? Tidal isn't as popular as others, but it's the streaming platform that pays the most, giving artists around up to $0.013 per stream. That comes out to Tidal paying $13,000 per 1 million streams.

Can you make a living off of digital art? ›

It is a myth for a reason. No, really—in today's world, you don't have to be a starving artist because, thanks to the internet, anybody can make money online. So, if you're a designer, an artist, or just a creative person looking to sell art online and build a passive income stream, then keep on reading.

Is Domestika a one time purchase? ›

Remember that when you purchase a course, we ask for a one-time payment which gives you full access to the course. There are no monthly fees or charges. This also applies to Domestika Basics, which consists of a series of courses. It is also a one-time payment that will give you full access to all included courses.

Which learning platform is best? ›

Best Online Learning Platforms of 2023
  • Best Overall: Coursera.
  • Best for Niche Topics: Udemy.
  • Best for Creative Fields: Skillshare.
  • Best for Celebrity Lessons: MasterClass.
  • Best for STEM: EdX.
  • Best for Career Building: Udacity.
  • Best for Data Learning: Pluralsight.

Is there anything better than Coursera? ›

Best overall alternative- Udemy offers 20x more courses than Coursera. Whether you're looking for professional development or just to learn something fun and different you'll be spoilt for choice. Plus frequent sales and promotions make Udemy great value for money. Runner up – edX.

What are the benefits of Domestika? ›

What is Domestika Plus?
By subscribing to Domestika Plus you'll receive the following benefits:
  • 1 monthly credit to exchange for a course. Each month of your subscription you will receive one Plus credit. ...
  • Buy more credits. ...
  • Plus free-to-watch courses every month. ...
  • Course certificates.
Jan 26, 2023

Do you get a certificate from Domestika? ›

What are the requirements to get my certificate? To get your certificate, you need to be Plus member or have redeemed the course using a Domestika for Business access. To download your certificate you only need to have marked all the course's units as completed.

How much do Domestika courses usually cost? ›

Domestika Pricing

Simply, browse the platform, pick the course you want, and pay for that one. Individual courses typically cost between $15-59.

How many users does Domestika have? ›

Class Central data shows that Domestika courses are primarily in English and Spanish, followed by Portuguese, Italian, French, and German. Combined, these courses have over 15 million enrollments, with the 250 most popular Domestika courses averaging around 37K enrollments each.

Is there an English version of Domestika? ›

Domestika is available in Spanish, English, Portuguese, German, Italian, Polish, Dutch and French.

What is the meaning of Domestika? ›

Domestika is the fastest-growing creative community where the best creative experts share their knowledge and skills through professionally produced online courses. It all started as an online forum and a small but dynamic showcase of creative professionals, designed to help them connect and learn from each other.

Which skill is in demand in 2023? ›

The top five skills in demand for 2023 are management, communication, customer service, leadership, and sales. The top five hard skills include software development, SQL, finance, Python, and Java.

What is the best course in 2023? ›

Best Short-term Job-Oriented Courses
  • Digital Marketing Certification Program. ...
  • Full Stack Development Certification Program. ...
  • Product Management Certification Program. ...
  • Big Data Certification Program. ...
  • Project Management Certification Program. ...
  • Agile and Scrum Certification Program. ...
  • Business Analytics Certification Program.
Feb 1, 2023

What are the top 5 courses? ›

Top Trending Online Courses
  • Data Science. ...
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. ...
  • Big Data. ...
  • Business Intelligence. ...
  • Cloud Computing. ...
  • Project Management. ...
  • Software Development. ...
  • Full-stack development.
Oct 6, 2022

Can I get Domestika courses for free? ›

Yes, all the courses in this section are free. Anyone can access them, without signing up or logging in to their account. You won't need to make any payments unless you want to enroll as a student and keep the course forever.

Is Domestika secure? ›

Yes, Domestika is a safe website. It protects your payment details so you don't have to worry about anything.

How long are Domestika courses valid? ›

None of Domestika's courses have an expiration date, you can do them at your own pace and whenever you want! You can view the lessons as many times as you like, even if you have marked them as completed. You also don't have to worry about deadlines, because there's no set time to complete units or projects.

Can I return a course on Domestika? ›

If within the first 14 days after you purchased a course you become dissatisfied with that course, DOMESTIKA will refund the full amount of your purchase and subsequently terminate your access to that course.

Can I watch Domestika offline? ›

The direct download of the video lessons to your device is not available from the web, but now, using the Domestika app you can download the videos of your courses and watch them offline wherever and whenever you want.

Who is the most streamed artist on all platforms? ›

First up is Drake, with a whopping 55 billion streams.
  • Drake. Lead streams: 55,283,816,334. ...
  • Bad Bunny. Lead streams: 49,918,270,251. ...
  • Taylor Swift. Lead streams: 40,738,303,020. ...
  • Ed Sheeran. Lead streams: 40,395,678,703. ...
  • The Weeknd. Lead streams: 38,515,844,786. ...
  • Justin Bieber. Lead streams: 34,732,528,664. ...
  • Ariana Grande. ...
  • Eminem.
Feb 8, 2023

Who is the number one most streamed artist? ›

As of February 2023, Drake is the most-streamed artist of all time on Spotify, and Taylor Swift is the most-streamed female artist. Ed Sheeran is the most-followed artist on Spotify, and Ariana Grande is the most-followed female artist.


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