Dami Hope blows the lid on the island of love behind the scenes (2023)

It is an elegant one -hour show that meets our screens six per week in the summer, but there is a completely different story that takes place in the context of Love Island.

Talk toCAUSEAt the beginning of the new season plan of Virgin Media Television, the former inhabitant of Dami Hope Island said that he really did not think too much when it was its application and instead of going to the town that was looking for love, he admitted that he was admittedThat it was a court for the idea that he and his friends could obtain VIP access to clubs!

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But Oh, how everything changed when the cameras began to shoot ... we are all very aware in this phase that Ross's new man and his best half -indiyah became third in the program, but it is a miracle how really, howDamislag, I had no idea what I would expect.

For the beginning, Dami said that everything is very staged for television."There is a voice of God," she said.Glass of wine.If we try to like the scammers and try to take Lucas's wine because he does not want it, they are like "Dami, place the cup!"

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The rebel always, he laughed: I will still drink it anyway.What will you do?

Dami explained that the islanders were prohibited during the time in the town to sleep outside, especially during theLove house,And he believes that the producers did this to absorb feelings between all girls and men.And it worked to some extent.

Dami was working with his Indiyah girlfriend when the new bombs entered the town and reduced it after random triple.

Actually, it was one of Evake's favorite episodes when the original couples met with their new scouting in the fireplace.

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Dami expressed the expression "It is not yet ended" when he decided to recover, and the appearance of disbelief in the faces of his roommate was invaluable. However, he should not be exceeded by Indiyah, who had also prolonged with Deji.

When the ice -eyed couple closed, she only said: "May the best pink" boom!Dami knew that she had made a mistake.

"It was so beautiful!" He laughed."Even the way it ended, Heartbreaker's best victory" as I was when I was a child.

From there, the couple fell again their romance and Dami fell with summer, which is probably their only real repentance of their time in the town, although he insisted that he was always with her in advance that they had a dignity of workthat he steals his that steals his attention from Indiyah, but the producers did not show it.

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Dami's mother was so impressed by her son in the program that she wants her to do it again, and even encourages him to register for the winter season, although as a man he is no longer justified!

But I would be interested in jumping to the following tasks of the moderatorLaura Whitmore's last departure from the program?Probably not.

He said: "I know that people gave him a lot as against reactions and things, but I think he did it as well as he could. She reads a reference card, tries to be fun and represents questions. Merch Times the questions ask does not make sense, but it's not your fault, it's television! '

But he has a favorite that replaces Laura."I really have the feeling that Maura would be the next best," he said."I have the feeling that Maura has something about her and that she is also Irish that will also give her fire.

"And if obviously he knows what the boys did at home, Maura is someone who, although a moderator, can still have little things to say because he is hot."

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Since Dami left the town, he said that the islanders have actually approached a little, if they can imagine it!"We all like to speak and write an SMS, so it is actually better than in the town, because now we have more things to talk about," she explained.

Without a doubt, everyone has a lot of options that are suddenly open to them,His indiyah girlfriend is the youngest resident of the island who is an announcement of a Beauty negotiation with pharmacy chain bootsBut Dami takes the time before it is installed in its next step.

"Since I now have the platform, I only use it to do the things that are passionate about, which is obviously fashionable. What is passionate about, even music. 'He said.

We are not so sure of how a musical career for him would work for his "rap", while Love Island's talent show, but Dami assured us that he was completely diluted minutes before his recording and the original song was much better.

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“Listen that you frankly did the rap that I did on the program, I really had a roast for each member of the island.How I have one, Paige has a luca ... it was wonderful. 'He said.

"I had a line about Danica that was" Oh, Danica was more in the block than in Rubik's Link, "I had so many. I showed some of the islanders, Paige found him a lot of fun."

With a massive smile on the face, Dami could not disguise his pride when he said that his loving island of Indiyah, like some of the other girls in the town, sealed a very large commercial agreement.

Dami himself says he has already signed with some different brands for notes in the dotted line, but still does not give away.

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He said he would take his Indiyah girlfriend and some of the other islanders to Ireland little on September 9, and plans to show Indiyah that we really have some department stores here.

While the new local Ross in Lucan is based in Dublin, he will not take her to her local shopping centers. "I said:" I have the feeling that Dundrum is probably the most attractive, as they know, because for the British the public also publicHe looks at him. "

Another thing that is waiting is to get Indiyah try the local cuisine."I will obviously roll the chicken fillet and then a spice bag. Because you don't know what the spices bags are!"

But he also wants to explore something with his girlfriend.Dami has recently followed the news of the Irish showbiz and she would like to enter the footsteps of Harry Styles and Matt Damon and climb aboard with the Sebuch tendency in Killiney.

"I heard that there is this thing you jump to the sea, is it called Vico?" He said and wasn't sure he understood it correctly."Maybe shoes, she can enter or swim or swim, maybe I won't do that ... that would be dangerous! '

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